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Manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) requires highly specialised techniques. The latest PCB handling machinery uses high-tech design elements to ensure smooth operations and energy efficiency.

The latest PCB board handling mechanical modules are equipped with a smart user interface, which is designed for easy installation and rapid lifting. The functionality of board handling systems should be the same as for other surface mount devices. High quality materials and standard components need a low level of maintenance, and are therefore cost-effective.

Some of the latest machinery available

Model: PCB handling series; Manufacturer: YJ Link Co.
YJ Link Co. Ltd is one of the leading Korean manufacturers of SMT board handling equipment, including laser marking machines. Some of its latest offerings include the ALD 12 magazine loader, the AVL vacuum loader, the ACC 50 link, the ASHC shuttle and the AMR 10RC NG buffer.

Some of the key features of the products it offers are compact designs, touchscreen operations, PLC-control, and equipment stability because of a double base plate. The models come with an LED tower light (with a buzzer) and have steel wheels for easy mobility. They also have side covers that ensure better aesthetics along with the SMEMA interface. Other noticeable features are a decent 38-second speed for lifting parts, a magazine rack that has 50 slots and can accommodate all sizes in manual mode, the option to select the pitch, auto-width adjustment, and the PCB front input system. The bypass/bare board loading mode is selectable.


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India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd,, [email protected], +911204603500

Model: NTA series; Manufacturer: Nutek Private Limited
Nutek’s NTA series features a comprehensive range of PCB handling equipment that improves productivity and provides connectivity to the shop floor network via an Ethernet connection.

The NTA series has touch panel controls. These cover general controls, information display, diagnostics, simulations, settings and multi-language selection. The handling equipment also has options to use smart devices to remotely control machines.

The series has the diagnostic capability to monitor and control specific machine mechanisms and to perform I/O checking during maintenance. It also comes with an offline simulation mode, predictive maintenance and options to have remote access to the machine controller.

Backup and recovery of machine settings, product settings, magazine settings and alarm logs ensure smooth data management. The NTA series is compliant with the Hermes Standard, and is OPC UA ready as well as being Industry 4.0 ready.

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India distributor: TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd,

Model: VEGO Dynamic LSB 03; Manufacturer: ASYS Group
The new LSB 03 is used to load bareboards for printing or marking into the SMT production lines. In the standard version, the loading station, VEGO Dynamic LSB 03, separates raw circuit boards from a stack with a maximum height of 340mm. Depending on the characteristics of the substrates – flexible, heavy or large – various methods of separation can be chosen, such as separation by means of clamps, vacuum or a combination of both. The stack is processed from above.

The LSB 03 comes with an integrated magazine-loading lift that can supply the production line with already assembled PCBs from a magazine, in addition to the raw PCBs. Depending on the current product, it can be used quickly and flexibly in alternating operations. The machine saves valuable space and avoids the expense of an additional magazine system in the production line. This gives additional storage space.

Contact details:
India distributor: ASYS Group Asia Pte Ltd,

Model: BR-460W-ST; Manufacturer: Manncorp
The Manncorp BR-460W-ST is designed to turn boards 90° or 180° in L-shaped or T-shaped production lines, providing extreme flexibility for the factory floor. Boards can enter BR-460W-ST from openings in the left, right, or rear of the unit, allowing them to be oriented in the production line, depending on what the manufacturing process and equipment layout dictate.

The conveyor turntable inside the unit is driven in the X, Y, and θ axes so that the PCB can be rotated, and then transferred to conveyors running perpendicular to the section of the conveyor from which the PCB came. Full rotation in the θ axis allows boards to be turned a 180 degrees, if necessary, to suit the PCB’s orientation requirements during other downstream operations, whether in-line or on perpendicular conveyors.

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Model: SMBH-2000 unloader; Manufacturer: PCB Unlimited
The SMBH-2000 is fully SMEMA compatible and offers working heights that range from 890mm-975mm, ensuring minimum installation time when connecting to peripheral equipment. The fully programmable LCD display offers the operator clear and concise instructions, hence easing the production process. Audible and visible alarms are also incorporated, ensuring minimum disruption to production and thereby increasing throughput.

The SMBH-2000 offers an additional in-feed section that incorporates the hand wheel adjustment for width. The in-feed section houses the pusher arm, which transfers the PCB to the magazine rack. When high-speed transfer times are required, a PCB stopper is installed to prevent PCBs colliding. Sensors are also provided to prevent platform movement until the PCB has been fully inserted into the magazine.

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Model: Automatic loader and unloader;
Manufacturer: Edgetech Automation Private Limited
This equipment is used to load and unload PCBs on the SMT production line, and is available in single and multi-magazine variants. It has a sturdy and stable design with a user friendly LED TFT touchscreen control panel, and includes a pusher conveyor with an adjustable pusher position. It provides high throughput with a short magazine change-over time.

Technical features include a loading time of approximately 6 seconds, replacement time of the feed box of about 20 seconds, power supply and load ranging between 100V-230V AC (customer specified). It also has a transmission height of 920mm (±20mm), which can be customer specified. The transmission direction can be from left to right or right to left. The thickness of the PCB is a maximum of 0.4mm.

Other notable features include a PLC control system, four-step pitch selection (10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm), two-magazine loading capability, standard SMEMA, etc.

Contact details:
India distributor: Leaptech Corporation




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