Speedofer believes in the ‘zero defect-zero effect’ concept


Speedofer R&D Centre, 2Established in 2007, Speedofer Components is a high-tech enterprise specialised in manufacturing manganese zinc soft ferrites in India. It exports its products to Europe, UK and the Far East

By Belal Khan

During the period 2000-2005, when the Indian lighting sector, particularly the compact fluorescent lamp segment, was witnessing double digit growth rates, soft ferrite cores were not available easily. To procure the ferrite cores required to make inductors and transformers, without which the electronic circuits cannot be assembled, one had to wait for eight weeks or more for the material to arrive from China.
Also, the material then available was not up to the quality standards, resulting in the final product tolerances varying too widely for a reliable product line. Cosmetic defects were common, causing line hold-ups. An even greater inconvenience, lack of inventory control, meant that companies could not keep up with the rapid design changes in transformers and inductors, leading to large volumes of dead stock.
This is when the promoter of Speedofer, B.S. Randhawa, decided to start a manufacturing unit right in the heart of the consumer electronics industry in the National Capital Region (NCR) in India. Speedofer was set up in 2007-2008.

Products manufactured by the company
Speedofer manufactures soft ferrite cores for power applications, EMI (electromagnetic interference) suppression applications and filter applications. The cores are composed of MnZn (manganese zinc), and are available in a wide range of geometries and sizes and in different material characteristics.
Speedofer also supplies NiZn (nickel zinc), iron dust powder cores, sendust cores, MPP cores and other customised ferrite cores for special applications.
The typical product applications are for CFL lighting, LED lighting, set-top boxes, energy meters and SMPS.
Ferrite components and accessories from Speedofer are used in applications that range from telecommunications and computing electronics, to consumer electronics and automotive products.



Manufacturing at a glance
The company claims to have the best-in-class equipment, instruments and work environment that enhance its R&D activities and enable it to achieve high quality standards. Speedofer has top-notch talent from premier engineering institutions like IIT Kharagpur and is backed by decades of R&D experience in soft ferrite cores. Besides, it has an innovation team that specialises in yield improvement and process optimisation, which enables it to align with changing technologies and business environments. Also, Speedofer is backed by over 20-years enterprise-running experience of its promoters.

Focus on quality
Speedofer has the expertise to comply with the requirements of both international and Indian standards bodies like IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and BIS, as well as help in standards formulation for soft ferrite cores.
The company is equipped with the following equipment or instruments, which enhance the quality of the products it makes:

  • Power loss measurement instruments
  • DC bias and DC saturation testing set-up
  • Set-up to test DC bias in elevated temperatures
  • Curie temperature test chamber
  • Amplitude permeability measurement set-up
  • FMEA (failure mode effective analysis) testing for R10/6/4 in CFL and tubelight applications
  • Density measurement instruments
  • Grinding wheel dressing equipment
  • Conveyor belt dressing equipment
  • Prototype surface grinding equipment
  • Auto AL value sorting equipment
  • High accuracy weighing scales

Certifications achieved

  • EMS ISO14001:2004
  • OHSAS ISO18001:2007
  • QMS ISO9001:2008
  • Dun & Bradstreet Certification of Global Database
  • Recognition Certificate for an in-house R&D centre from the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, government of India
Mr. Randhawa B R
B S Randhawa, managing director, Speedofer

“We are one of the pioneers of make in India. We introduced a model that enhanced domestic manufacturing, made supply chain management effective, brought in the highest levels of quality control and are glad for having been a part of it. Along with our track record, we believe in the ‘zero defect-zero effect’ concept, which helps eliminate negative environmental factors and other product failures.”