PCB Technologies: AT&S India Announces Collaboration With Academia


The students of VVIET Mysuru will now be able to intern at AT&S India’s world class manufacturing facilities for PCB in Nanjangud

AT&S India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for development of dedicated curriculum for PCB manufacturing and for enhancing the skill set and knowledge
base of both engineering students and faculty members with the Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering Technology and Educational Trust (VVIET) in Mysuru. AT&S India will now collaborate with VVIET to train engineering students on PCB manufacturing industry relevant aptitude and also assist them in their certification by Electronics Sector Skills Councils of India (ESSCI) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), with relevant Qualification Pack (QP) on PCB manufacturing engineer.

“AT&S has made a long term commitment to the growth of printed circuit board manufacturing industry in India. While PCBs today have become the building blocks of the larger electronics manufacturing ecosystem, we found a persistent gap in the knowledge set of locally available talent pool of engineering students while hiring for our PCB applications at our plant in Nanjangud. Guided by our Group vision on problem solving through innovation, we decided to step up and share the exclusive industry based technical knowledge available in-house with us at AT&S India with the eligible students and also train their teachers in Mysuru,” noted Santosh Gundapi, MD & COO, AT& S India.

He added, “This MoU with VVIET is our answer to the call to action for broadening and deepening electronics manufacturing in the country by Hon’ble Prime Minister and also to cater to the present and future requirements of PCB manufacturing industry in India.”

This initiative, as the company informed, will improve the employability of the electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering undergraduate and diploma students from the region and make it easier for them to integrate with the printed circuit board manufacturing industry, while also adding to the pool of available talent for recruitment by electronics industry in Karnataka. The students of VVIET Mysuru will now be able to intern at AT&S India’s world class manufacturing facilities for PCB in Nanjangud.

“Not only will this improve the employability of VVIET students but will also offer an opportunity for skill enhancement to the faculty members, which in long run would facilitate the availability of a larger talent pool for recruitment by electronics manufacturing industry in Mysuru region. It’s a win – win for all and a definite advantage for the state of Karnataka as AT&S is a world leader in PCB manufacturing,” said Kaveesh Gowda V, Secretary, Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering Technology and Educational Trust, Mysuru.

Amulya Kumar Mohapatra, Director for Skill Development, Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering Technology, Mysuru, added further: “Skill development initiativesat VVIET and other institutions under the aegis of the VVET Trust are based on three pillars of skilling students on industry validated courses, joint course delivery by trained and certified faculty members along with industry experts and assessment & certification of students by reputed certifying bodies including Sector Skills Councils and NSDC. VVIET also handholds the trained students for availing early opportunities for their employment”


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