The latest in SMT solder paste inspection systems

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014: Solder paste inspection (SPI) systems measure the volume of the solder pads before the components are applied and the solder is melted. They are essential tools in PCB assembly lines, particularly in industries where tough quality and safety standards apply. It is not just the increasing board density and the miniaturisation of components that are driving this trend—the use of SPI systems in overall process control and test strategy has proved to be an unmatched return on investment, as they can reduce the incidence of solder-related defects to statistically insignificant levels.

Model: S3088 3D SPI, Brand: Viscom, Manufacturer: Viscom AG, Germany

viscomLaunched in May 2014, the S3088 SPI combines the advantages of the market-leading AOI system with the powerful 3D SPI sensor technology. Equipped with Viscom’s all new FastFlow handling, electronic assemblies are fed in and out synchronously at high speed to achieve high rates of throughput. In addition to the fast and reliable paste print inspection, the S3088 SPI features the unique Viscom quality uplink, which connects the paste printer and the placement system in a closed loop to the SPI system, enabling automatic process optimisation.

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Key features

  • Precise control of all essential 3D features; calibration-free

  • Extremely high throughput due to FastFlow handling

  • Less scrap, higher first pass yield

  • Viscom Quality Uplink: Process optimisation and increase in yield

  • Simple process analysis with the Viscom uplink analyser

  • Fast program generation with either EasyPro or Vision

  • Print optimisation through interlinkage with the printer

Contact details: Guido Bornemann, head of sales, Viscom Asia, Ph: +65-6285-9891, [email protected],

India contact: Viscom Machine Vision Pte Ltd, Singapore


Model: PICO, NANO and PRIMO, Brand: VI Technology, Manufacturer: VI Technology, France

nanoLaunched in January 2014, the PICO, NANO and PRIMO are outstanding solder paste inspection systems that are independent of operator skills and the variations from machine to machine. They are the first and only SPI systems that can be programmed automatically and come with embedded calibration. They offer ultra large FOV in 3D colour.

Key features

  • No experienced operators needed

  • The use of ‘gut feelings’ about tolerance settings is not required

  • Program is operator independent

  • The tolerance setting is product independent, avoiding the need to spend hours for fine tuning

Contact details: Jean-Marc Peallat, vice president-global sales, [email protected],

India contact: Innotronics Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: RV1, Brand: Juki, Manufacturer: Juki Automation Systems Corporation, Japan

jukiLaunched in May 2014, RV1 (AOI/SPI) is a high speed, 0.14 seconds/frame inspection machine. It offers high precision inspection by capturing super clear images using a large-sized ring light and coaxial light. It is easy to operate because of its newly developed ‘template mode’.

Key features

  • Clear vision capturing system

  • Easy programming

  • CCC (central confirmation control)

  • SPC (statistical process control)

  • Supports 3D inspection

  • PWB size: 50 mm×50 mm-510 mm×300 mm (double lane)/ 50 mm×50 mm-510 mm×590 mm (single lane)

  • Power supply: AC 3-ph 200-230V 2.0 kVA/ 0.49 MPa 10 NI/min

  • Dimensions: Width: 940 mm, depth: 1975 mm and height: 1530 mm

  • Components: 0402*, 0603 (metric), cylindrical chip, tantalum capacitor, transistor, SOP/QFP, etc

  • Inspection speed: 0.14 seconds/frame

  • Resolution: 15µm (standard resolution), 10 µm (high resolution)

  • Inspection items: Omission, offset, polarity, reversed, no-solder, bridge, amount of solder, etc

Contact details: Komei Kusuda, senior managing officer-sales, Ph: +81-42-357-2278, [email protected], /

India contact: Juki India Pvt Ltd


Model: HS60XL Supreme, Brand: Samsung, Manufacturer: Samsung, South Korea

samsungLaunched in April 2014, the HS60 Supreme incorporates the RSV-VI sensor head, which delivers 100 cm²/sec inspection performance and increased stabilisation. The SPI laser measurement head uses a method called optical triangulation to measure the height, area and volume of each pad. Its internally designed RSCV laser sensor head uses two laser beams coming from opposite angles (dual laser) to completely eliminate the effect of shadows on the measurement data (zero shadow effect). Multiple profile correction (MPM) technology can create an exact and accurate 3D image of every pad.

Key features

  • Inspection head stability and longevity: linear motor drive mechanism

  • Closed loop upstream communication (feedback) with system; closed loop downstream communication (feed-forward) with placement

  • Statistical process control and remote monitoring

  • Exclusive optical triangulation technology

  • Colour camera: provides easy and fast analysis of print quality defects

  • Innovative real time warpage compensation

  • Sensor head: RSC6 –HS Supreme; Scan speed: 100 cm²/sec

  • X, Y resolution: 13×13 micron

  • Minimum solder paste size: 150×150 micron, Maximum solder paste size: 20×20 mm

  • Minimum solder paste pitch: 100 micron; Maximum solder paste height: 1000 micron

Contact details: Sihyun Jayden Jang, global project manager- SMT business, Ph: +82-02-2145-2934, [email protected],

India contact: Samsung C&T India


Model: VP5200P, Brand: Omron, Manufacturer: Omron Corporation, Japan

omronUpgraded in March 2014, the VP5200P is a truly 3D solder paste inspection system from Omron, Japan, which uses the phase shift method to detect solder defects accurately and quickly. It has technically enhanced features to help it meet the challenges of today’s complex PCB assembly.

Key features

  • Digital switching method resolution from 7.5 micron to 25 micron

  • Inspection method: phase shift method

  • PCB size: 50×50~510×460 mm

  • PCB thickness: 0.3~5.0 mm

  • Inspection resolution: 25μm/12.5μm ~ 15μm/7.5μm digital switching method

  • Accuracy (Volume 3σ): Within 3 per cent

  • Speed (mm2/sec): Approx. 8000, 25um Resolution, Approx. 2600, 15um Resolution

  • PCB warpage: ±5 mm

  • Outline dimension: 903 × 1080 × 1400 mm

  • Primary power supply: single phase AC 200~230 V, 50/60 Hz, Max: 1 KVA

  • Pneumatic supply: Not required

  • Weight: 600 kg

  • Environmental support: RoHS

  • UPS: Standard equipped, for only PC

Contact details: T K Lai, sales manager, Ph: +60-3-7688-2888, [email protected],

India contact: Leaptech Corporation


Model: 5D SPI, Brand: ALeader, Manufacturer: ALeader Europe, Israel

aleaderLaunched in March 2014, ALeader’s 5D SPI solution integrates its proprietary technology with Moire technology to provide comprehensive detection of assembly shorts defects by also measuring height and volume. It uses a unique and sophisticated 2D system that analyses the topography and the shape of the solder deposition, together with Moire technology, to give unparalleled performance and results.

Key features

  • Low false alarms and high FPY—virtually eliminating review costs

  • Programming and debugging: ≥~20 minutes from start to ready-to-turn, escape-free technology, offline programming and debugging

  • Insensitive to different coloured PCBs

  • Shadow-free technology

  • Warpage-free technology

  • Extremely high inspection speed

  • Highly accurate GR&R and CPK

Contact details: Kobi Alfassi, product manager, Ph: +972-8-9208844/ +972-54-220-4107, [email protected],

India contact: Bergen Systems (P) Ltd


Model: Opticon SPI-Line 3D, Brand: Goepel Electronics, Manufacturer: Goepel Electronic GmbH, Germany

goepelLaunched in November 2013, Opticon SPI-Line 3D is a full 3D solder paste inspection system with high-end features like a real time SPC tool, 3D inspection of sinter paste, etc. It has an ultra high speed 3D-sensor and is extremely user friendly. It has a short programming time and improved compensation for warped PCBs.

Key features

  • Close loop to printer

  • Link to AOI/AXI repair station

  • 3D-inspection of sinter paste

  • Measurements offered: volume, area, height, XY position shift, bridge, smearing, co-planarity and shape

  • Camera: 4 mega pixels, 180 FPS

  • Measurement principle: fringe projection

  • Inspection speed: 90cm²/sec

  • X/Y resolution: 20 μm

  • Z resolution: 0,2 μm

  • Z measuring accuracy up to 1 μm (to target)

  • Illumination: flexible illumination for fiducial and barcode / 2D-code detection

  • Maximum PCB size: 510 mm×510 mm

  • Field of view: 40 mm×40 mm

Contact details: Alice Goepel, director, Ph: +49-364-16896-715, [email protected],

India contact: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd


Model: MS-15-3D SPI, Brand: Mirtec, Manufacturer: Mirtec, Korea

mirtecLaunched in September 2013, MS-15 features 25 mega pixel cameras with the most detailed 7.7um lens and high-speed data transfer CoaXPress to ensure the fastest and most accurate SPI inspection, incorporating shadow-free dual probe 3D as well as laser anti-warpage. It is ready for future challenge such as 030105 chip paste inspection.

Key features

  • Linear drive–high precision

  • 3D inspection technology: Shadow free-Moire 3D phase step image processing

  • Height resolution: 0.1 um

  • Height accuracy: Calibration jig 2 um

  • Height repeatability: Calibration jig ±1 per cent

  • Volume repeatability: Calibration jig ±2 per cent

  • Max PCB size range: 50 mm×50 mm to 510 mm×460 mm

  • Solder height: Maximum: 450 um/ Minimum: 40 um

  • PCB warpage: ±5 mm

  • Measurement capability: Volume, area, height, X-Y position, bridge, shape, etc

Contact details: David Bennet, president-Europe, Ph: +44-0-1752-696-695, [email protected],

India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd


Model: KY-8030-2, Brand: Koh Young, Manufacturer: Koh Young Technology Inc, South Korea

kohyoungLaunched in August 2013, Koh Young’s patented two white light source technology provides shadow-free images of each individual pad, accurately reading the volume of printed paste on each pad. This machine overcomes the challenges faced with 2-D machines. It helps eliminate the errors generated by the wrong quantities of solder paste, reducing the need for reworking on PCBs. It is an efficient, operator-friendly machine for solder paste inspection, with high repeatability. This machine is ideal for checking errors like insufficient/excessive/missing paste, bridging, shape deformity, paste offset and co-planarity. It can generate data in the form of various charts and can provide closed loop feedback to the printer to minimise errors generated by it during the inspection process. It is available in two models—for both offline and online inspection.

Key features

  • Volume repeatability of <3% @3σ

  • Measures solder paste volumes even on warped boards

  • Volume repeatability: <1% at 3σ (on KY calibration)

  • Inspection time per FOV: 0.47 seconds

  • Max paste size: 10×10 mm; Max paste height: 400µm

  • Operating system: Windows XO Professional

  • Max PCB size: 810×610 mm; Minimum PCB size: 50×50 mm

  • PCB thickness: 0.4 – 8.0 mm

  • Max PCB weight: 10 kg

Contact details: Peter Shin, product manager, Ph: 0065-9648-3775, [email protected],

India contact: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd


Model: SE600 3D SPI System, Brand: CyberOptics, Manufacturer: CyberOptics Corporation, USA

cyberopticsLaunched in July 2013, the SE600 3D SPI system delivers ‘true’ volume measurement. Designed with a state-of-the-art dual illumination sensor, it offers good repeatability and reproducibility, even on the smallest paste deposits. The award-winning SPIv5 series software offers full touchscreen capability and a world-class user experience for easy, flawless inspection. CyberPrint Optimiser, a unique value-added program, automatically optimises the printing process and is part of the SE600 software portfolio.

Key features

  • Excellent precision accuracy

  • State-of-the-art dual illumination sensor enabling ‘true’ volume measurement with shadow-free imaging

  • High speed inspection with peak 108 cm²/sec speed (average: 80cm²/sec)

  • Multi-touch intuitive software enabling shortest learning curve

  • Closed loop feedback ready

  • Mounter feed forward ready

  • Panel size capacity (max): 510×510 mm (20.0×20.0 inches); panel size capacity (min): 50×50 mm (2.0×2.0 inches)

  • Conveyor adjustment: Automatic

  • Inspection speed at 30um: 108cm²/sec peak (80cm²/sec avg); Inspection speed at 15um: 56cm²/sec peak (30cm²/sec avg)

Contact details: Dennis Rutherford, VP sales and marketing, Ph: +65-9632-4695, [email protected],

India contact: Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: KLS5421A, Brand: Anritsu, Manufacturer: Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co Ltd, Japan

anritsuLaunched in January 2013, KLS5421A offers the unique facility of laser spot measurement that provides the true picture of the condition of the solder, making it highly sensitive equipment. It is equipped with a 3D laser sensor, has easy-to-generate programs and provides in-depth 3D analysis.

Key features:

  • Built-in sensor: MA (multi-angle) sensor displacement meter

  • Board size: 50 x 50 ~ 380×300 mm

  • Board thickness: 0.2 ~ 4.0 mm

  • XY, Z resolution: X/Y; 20 μm / 10 μm, Z: 1 μm

  • GR&R< 10 % (Tolerance ± 50 %)

  • Repeatability: ± 1 % (volume, area, average height)

  • Inspection time: 8 seconds (165×125 mm), 19 sec (330×250 mm)

  • Conveyor: Height: 900 ± 20 mm, automatic conveyor width adjustment

  • Power supply: 200 ~ 240 V AC, 500 VA

  • Air source: 0.5 ~ 1 Mpa, 5 l/min

  • Use environment: 10 ~ 30 °C, 30 ~ 80 % RH (non-condensing)

  • Laser classification: Class1 IEC60825-1, JISC6802:2005, Class l 21 CFR part1040.10 (CDRH)

  • Dimensions: 800 (W)×945 (D)×1300 (H) mm, less than 350 kg

Contact details: Osamu Terazawa, admin manager, environment and analytical equipment

sales department, Ph: +813-5203-5646, [email protected], www.

India contact: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd


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