Now barter system for solar power


Solar PVThursday, August 15, 2013: Now, enjoy barter system with respect to solar power. A new solar generation unit that costs nearly Rs 1,00,000 can help reduce your electricity bill if you are successful in generating excess power, apart from lighting your home. With the help of a new proposal, the residents will be able to export solar power to the electricity department and in turn balance out their power bill. But, they will not earn any amount of money by commercial use of the system.

According to Santosh Kumar, Conservator of Forest and Wildlife, UT, the system has undergone the stage of experimentation at government buildings in the city. After receiving approval from the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission, the system will be extended to households. “The attempt is to promote zero electricity usage in most houses with a majority of electricity being drawn from solar energy,” Santosh told TOI.

The loophole in the existing meters made UT file a petition with Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission to get permission for the installation of ‘bi-directional’ meters. Moreover, the system of smart meters has been introduced in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal but, due to lack of policy at the national level, the system is dependent on the initiatives of the states.


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