New NI-XNET modules


In November 2011, National Instruments introduced its C Series NI 9861 CAN and NI 9866 LIN interfaces, the newest modules in the NI-XNET family of products, and the first low-speed CAN and LIN modules.

Features and USP: As part of the NI-XNET family, the new modules provide engineers with productivity advantages such as hardware accelerated messaging and on-board processing. The single port, low speed C series NI 9861 CAN interface module features integrated CAN database support for importing, editing and using signals from FIBEX, .dbc and .ncd files. It is capable of 100 per cent bus load communication up to 125 kbit/s without dropping any frames. The NI 9866 LIN module is also a single port interface with integrated support for importing and using signals from LDF databases along with master/slave support and hardware timed scheduling for master tasks.

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