EMI test receivers


EMI test receiversIn August 2012, Rohde & Schwarz introduced the ESR EMI test receiver with a broadband architecture that allows standard compliant EMI measurements that are up to 6000 times faster than other solutions.

Features and USP: The test receiver is available in two different models for frequencies ranging from 10 Hz to 3 GHz (or 7 GHz) to meet the requirements of all users who perform EMC certification on commercial equipment. The test receiver’s spectrogram function seamlessly displays the analysed spectrum over time, and records the measurements for up to five hours, allowing developers to detect sporadic interference. The persistence mode allows users to clearly differentiate between pulse and continuous interference. It displays the probable distribution of occurring frequencies and amplitudes in various colours, making it possible to detect interferers that are hidden by broadband signals.

For further details: Ph: 080 41780400; sales.rsindia@rohde-schwarz.com; www.rohde-schwarz.co.in


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