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Here’s a quick glimpse into the latest ATE platforms launched or upgraded in 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012: 

Vector signal transceivers

Starting from Rs 2.5 million
Starting from Rs 2.5 million

In August 2012, National Instruments (NI) launched what it claims is the world’s first PXI transceiver—the PXIe-5644R vector signal transceiver (VST).


Features and USP: The NI PXIe-5644R vector signal transceiver (VST) is part of a new class of instrumentation that combines a vector signal generator and vector signal analyser with FPGA based real time signal processing and control. This software designed approach offers the flexibility of a software defined radio architecture with RF instrument class performance. It combines the fast measurement speed and small form factor of a production test box with the flexibility and high performance of R&D grade box instruments. This means you can use the VST to test a variety of cellular and wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11ac with an error vector magnitude that is better than -45 dB (0.5 per cent) at 5.8 GHz. It also helps in expanding the VST’s small 3-slot 3U PXI Express form factor to support multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) configurations. The LabVIEW FPGA is a user programmable platform with a frequency range of 65 MHz to 6 GHz. It offers 24 channels of high speed digital I/O and 80 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (3 dB).

For further details: Ph: +91 80 41190000; [email protected]


Mobile device test platforms

US$ 2-4 million*  (Price subject to configuration and application)
US$ 2-4 million* (Price subject to configuration and application)

In August 2012, Anritsu upgraded two of its automated test platforms for mobile device testing—ME7873x and ME7834x. These are used to test LTE mobile systems for additional bands.

Features and USP: Being the world’s first test equipment supplier to meet the GCF protocol LTE device certification, Anritsu’s ME7834x is an all in one mobile device test platform supporting multi-system mobile terminal protocol conformance tests (PCT) and carrier acceptance tests (CAT). In addition to supporting standalone tests of W-CDMA and LTE systems, ME7834x can also be configured as a customised integrated environment for InterRAT tests between LTE, GSM, W-CDMA and CDMA2000 mobile systems. This system combines many existing products onto a flexible automated system. The ME7834x is a flexible protocol and a test solution for LTE FDD/TDD, WCDMA and CDMA2000 conformance testing for wireless terminals. It is fast, reliable and offers unique parallel test capabilities. It comes with automatic parameter test cases based on the UE capabilities and test executions. These are industry standard equipment, and are used by various chipset and handset OEMs for validation and certification.

For further details: Ph: +91 80 40581300; Fax: +91 80 40581301; [email protected]


Universal tester—power supply functional test system

Universal tester—power supply functional test systemIn April 2012, MEL Systems and Services launched its latest model of ATE MEL 5000.

Features and USP: This ATE is designed and developed to test power supplies, UPS systems and inverters. Any power supply system production line would require an automated test equipment which can test the capabilities of the product like low cut, high cut, low cut recovery, high cut recovery, output regulation, input regulation, efficiency, ripples, over current protection, short circuit protection etc. MEL Systems and Services Limited has launched an ATE which can readily carry out all the above tests with minimal human intervention. Entire range of tests could be completed in less than 2 minutes of time thus increasing the production capacity many fold. It comes with a user friendly GUI based application software to configure the test parameters and the test sequences. Test reports are generated in a non-editable format, indicating the sequence of tests, master parametric values, measured values and the status of tests (passed or failed). Thus helping the QA to simply pass or reject the product. This PC based ATE comes in different ranges of testing capacity starting from 1 KVA to 15 KVA.

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A versatile desktop ATE

Starting from Rs 2 million
Starting from Rs 2 million

The QMax V250 versatile desktop ATE was launched in March 2012.

Features and USP: Mainly used for PCB test and diagnostic applications, QMax V250 versatile desktop offers multiple test techniques, besides a whole board functional test with automated guided probe back tracking. It comes with an integrated boundary scan test as per IEEE 1149.1 standards. Its vast device library of VHDL language based models helps in effective incircuit testing of LSI or VLSI ICs. The Qmax TD6 software is a single GUI based platform for multiple test techniques and easy integration with PXI instruments and programmable power supplies. It offers enhanced QSM V-I with automatic best fit curve and DC parametric measurements for reduced field returns. This versatile device finds its application in defence and strategic electronics testing, aerospace PCBs, inward components quality assurance, telecom PCB modules, testing of textile electronics, biomedical equipment PCBs, transportation PCBs for MRT or metro trains, security and surveillance equipment, port handling equipment such as EOT cranes, etc.

For further details: Ph: +91 98408 88893; [email protected], [email protected]

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