Digital multimeters


In December 2011, Motwane launched the M41 digital multi-meters, which come packed with 40 ranges and 21 different functions.

Features and USP: The M41 comes with a large 4000 count LCD display with a bright white backlight to enable working in the dark. It can test a wide AC/DC current range of up to 20A, AC/DC voltage, resistance, temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode test and continuity. To analyse trends there is a 40 segment bar graph display. Other test functions like data hold, relative, min/max, manual range and select, enhance this device’s functionality.

The meter has incorporated a safety parameter called Future Ready. The M41 comes with category protection of CAT III/1000V, which is future ready with the EN61010-1-2010 standard specification.

For further details: Ph: 0253-2463752/753; Fax: 0253-2463197;


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