APFC LED driver


In June 2012, ESI Electronics launched ‘Automatic Power Factor Corrected (APFC) constant current LED divers.

Features and USP: These APFC LED drivers have four major ratings namely 15 W, 21 W, 28 W and 40 W. These are available in assembled PCB as well as in plastic enclosure, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Its key features are: Input 130 to 270 V, 50 Hz; output current 350 mA, 700 mA or 1050 mA which can be made as per customer’s requirement; efficiency>90 per cent; PF>0.9 to 0.98 and EMI/RFI is in compliance with IEC61347-2-13.

These drivers are protected against voltage fluctuations, transient spikes and output short circuit.

For further details: Somen Ghosh, Ph: 9903993911; esielectronics@gmail.com; www.electroserviceindia.com


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