64-pin microcontroller


In July 2011, Energy Micro announced the availability of its EFM32 Gecko and Tiny Gecko product lines in a QFP64 package. The new 64-pin devices are suitable for smart metering market and energy sensitive applications.

Features and USP: Designed to significantly reduce current consumption, these microcontrollers operate at 160µA per MHz in active mode, executing code from Flash; 900nA in deep sleep mode and 20nA in shut-off mode. EFM32G232, EFM32G842, EFM32TG232 and EFM32TG842, which are available in various configurations of Flash memory ranging from 8 to 128 KB and from 2 KB to 16 KB of RAM, offer the same energy saving Gecko technology as other package options in the EFM32 MCU range.

For further details: Energy Micro AS; Ph: +47 23 00 98 00; o.borgan@energymicro.com; www.energymicro.com


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