32-bit microcontroller


In September 2011, Renesas Electronics announced the availability of SH726A and SH726B MCUs, which will be available in six product versions, depending on the presence or absence of an on-chip CAN interface, four versions for the SH726A and two for the SH726B.

Features and USP: The SH726A and SH726B offer all the benefits of previous generations of MCUs, such as large internal SRAM, support for serial flash memory, including code fetching from quad serial memories and a proven media SDK, including a production ready media player, FAT file system and Bluetooth profiles. The MCUs are equipped with a new bus controller that enables the connection of quad-SPI flash ROM (serial type), which uses fewer connection pins, as external flash memory supporting direct data access. This substantially reduces the number of pins required for connection, while maintaining access speeds equivalent to conventional parallel NOR flash. The maximum CPU operating frequency is 216 megahertz (1.5 times that of the existing SH7266 MCUs).

For further details: Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd; www.sg.renesas.com

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