Choosing the right rework station is easy


Here are some key points about the new rework stations launched in the market, which should be of help to prospective buyers

By Sneha Ambastha

Rework stations are used to refinish and repair printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). The complete process involves soldering and desoldering of the electronic components during PCBA. New rework stations support many advanced packages of electronic components like surface mount devices (SMDs), ball grid arrays (BGAs), chip-scale packages (CSPs), quad flat no-leads (QFNs), Flipchips and also work with lead-free applications.

Key points for buyers to keep in mind
Purchase and procurement is an important aspect of manufacturing and it includes both raw materials and tools/equipment. When it comes to the purchase of rework stations, there are a few important aspects to be considered. Buyers should first consider the power or capacity of the control unit that is to be used. Then they should look for the multi-tasking capability of the machine. Since a rework station has to carry out a range of operations, the equipment should be suitable for simultaneous operations with different operators. One should also look for other features such as the accuracy and the quality of the reworking, as these play a vital role in R&D and repair labs. Users should also ensure proper connectivity of micro tools, a variety of tips and whether or not the rework station uses the point solution approach, before making a final purchase.

Here are a few newly launched rework stations available in the market

Model: WXR 3, Brand: Weller, Manufacturer: Weller Tools GmbH
The WXR 3 is a recent launch from Weller available at a global list price of US$2,456.65. Available as a complete set for soldering, desoldering, hot air and vacuum pickup, the equipment addresses almost all kinds of SMT and through-hole requirements. Its traceability capability allows the operator to record and store the day’s/month’s work for future evaluation. This assures the end user that the PCB reworked has been made as per the recommended standards. The product is used in various applications such as R&D labs, final touch-up operations, in SMT rework units, in repair labs, in product testing departments, and much more.

Weller_WXR 3030 T005 35 016 99Key features

  • Comes with 3+1 channel stations and the pick-up functionality
  • Capable of connecting to all WX tools
  • WX tools with motion sensor and LED ringlight
  • Comes with the traceability feature
  • Has a multi-lingual operating interface with 17 languages
  • Has a backlit display

USP: Traceability makes it ready for future analysis
Contact: Ph: +91- 9990024219,,
Indian branch: Apex Power Tools India Pvt Ltd

Model: HR 200, Brand: Ersa, Manufacturer: Ersa GmbH
Ersa’s HR 200 is a hybrid rework station that is simple to use for PCB reworking. It has a heating element that can solder and desolder SMT components of sizes up to 30mm x 30mm. Its heating plate provides ideal preheating for reworking. It enables operators to keep their hands free so that they can remove the desoldered components with different tools. During working breaks, its bottom heater switches back to the standby level, saving power. It also comes with a reflow process camera that observes the soldering and desoldering processes.

csm_Ersa_HR200_Hybrid_Rework_1_65ebf13e29Key features

  • Comes with a 400W hybrid high-power heating element
  • Has an optional 800W infrared (IR)-heating plate
  • Has a simple power selection feature in four different levels
  • Has a foot switch to activate the heating process
  • Is a compact and handy system

USP: Is simple to use – just unpack it, set it up and begin soldering
Indian distributor: Bergen Group India

Model: FR-702, Brand: HAKKO, Manufacturer: HAKKO Corporation
The FR-702 is a 4-port rework station from HAKKO with 140 desoldering guns, an M-type soldering iron and 670W hot air attachments. It has a new BGA nozzle that improves work efficiency with uniform heating because of hot air convection inside.  Its pickup tool picks a component only after the hot air melts solder joints around the component so as to avoid any error that might occur when removing a component with excessive force. Its nitrogen soldering capability prevents the soldering tip and the heater from being easily oxidised.

Hakko_FR-702Key features

  • Is a powerful rework station with almost every function needed for reworking
  • Offers safe and secure rework operation
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Has a compact size with a 4-in-1 unit to save space
  • Is compatible with a nitrogen (N2) system due to an optional addition of N2 soldering iron (FX-8802)

USP: Comes with a vacuum pickup functionality
Indian distributor: Sumitron Exports (P) Ltd, Ph: +91-11-43824444,,

Model: DMSE-9A, Brand: JBC, Manufacturer: JBC Soldering SL
Launched in February 2016, DMSE-9A is a versatile rework station that allows an operator to work with four tools simultaneously. The company claims it to be fully compatible with most of its in-house tools. It provides multiple benefits like station customisation, full control of soldering processes and remote work management. It is capable of operating in sleep and hibernation modes along with an exclusive heating system from JBC.

JBC_DSMEKey features

  • Capable of managing up to four tools for soldering and desoldering, simultaneously
  • Can simultaneously adjust the temperature of cartridges and also control the ports
  • Capable of working with an indispensable electric desoldering module for complete through-hole desoldering
  • Is a good solution for SMT pad cleaning
  • Its optimised electronic system creates a vacuum peak for improved solder suction

USP: A four-tool rework station with an electric pump
Contact: +34 93 325 32 00,,


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