Subsidy To E-Cycle Buyers Announced By The Delhi Government

Mr. Atulya Mittal, Founder – Nexzu Mobility said :-
“It is encouraging to see the seamless initiatives being pursued by the Delhi State Govt. to promote the agenda of sustainable mobility by easing the adoption of e-cycles, and expanding the sphere of subsidies extended to corporates, apart from individuals. The initiative will go well towards reducing the carbon footprint and push the usage of e-cycles among businesses like e-commerce, delivery services and aggregators, etc..  The announcement will further pave the way for all other States to follow as electric cycles are the most affordable form of EVs and clean mobility while also enabling upward economic mobility.”.
Nexzu Bazinga e-cycle priced at Rs.₹49,445 and Bazinga Cargo e-cycle priced at Rs ₹51,525.
Transforming the EV experience for customers, an in-house designed and developed unisex e-cycle Bazinga comes with an extended range of 100km with a single detachable Li-ion battery. It also boasts a solid and sturdy designed new cargo carriage with a 15 kg load capacity. The e-cycle is ergonomically designed for effortless hop-in and hop-out for riders, while the excellent aesthetics with digitally designed decals give it a new feel and look.Nexzu Roadlark e-cycle offers 100 km mileage and a top speed of 25 km/hr. The Roadlark is equipped with 2 powerful batteries – in-frame (5.2AH) and detachable (8.7AH). A BLDC 250w 36v motor gives life to the EV while Dual Disc brakes with EABS ensure a safe ride. The e-cycle in peddle assist mode offers an unparalleled 100 km range. In a bid to boost adoption in the B2B space, Nexzu Mobility has also launched  a cargo variant of Roadlark e-cycle intended for delivery companies.


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