Log9 Strengthens its ‘People’ Team

  • Raman has over 12+ years of experience spanning across the domains of Human Resources, Strategy, and Operations; he has previously worked with Deloitte India, SAP, and InMobi
  • Abhishek has10+ years of experience and has previously worked in the HR function of MNC giant GE Aviation and in the IT Services sector with Wipro
  • Raman and Abhishek will be working actively to take Log9 Materials’ ‘People’ agenda to newer and more successful heights

Responsible Energy company Log9 Materials has announced fortifying its ‘People’ department at Log9’s Bengaluru headquarters by appointing two veteran professionals recently into key ‘People’ roles — Raman S R as Chief People Officer and Abhishek Joshi as Head of People Transformation.In their newly-appointed positions at Log9, Raman would be reporting directly to Log9 founder Dr. Akshay Singhal, whereas Abhishek will be reporting to Raman. 

Raman S R has around 12+ years of rich experience across various industries — including software products and professional services; he has been guiding businesses and HR teams with effective, output-driven approaches, and has till date undertaken numerous organizational projects to help companies operate, scale, and succeed by developing impeccable people strategies for businesses, developing leaders and managing change. Prior to joining Log9, Raman was the Global People and Culture Leader for Engineering teams at InMobi based out of India, the US, and China – where he had worked closely with their CTO and InMobi Technology’s leadership team. Before InMobi, Raman had also served in HR roles at reputable organizations such as SAP and Deloitte India. At his previous companies, Raman has contributed significantly in the areas of workforce planning, career development of young engineers, policy changes, retention, diversity, inclusion & equity, and employer brand. 

On the other hand, Abhishek Joshi formerly held the position of HR Leader for GE Aviation’s Engineering and Digital teams at GE’s Bangalore Engineering Centre. Additionally, he also served as Liaison Officer for People With Disabilities at GE India Industrial Pvt Ltd. He is skilled in the areas of performance management, talent engagement, leadership development, and is a passionate believer in strengths’-based leadership and the Growth Mindset. Abhishek has previously worked with Wipro Technologies as an HR Business Partner serving industry sectors such as computer networking, engineering & construction, and oil & gas.

Speaking on the latest appointments, Dr . Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials says, “Log9 aspires to be an agent of change for sustainability and climate action, and to that end, our people and teams remain at the forefront of Log9’s growth and innovation agenda. We are now delighted to onboard Raman S R and Abhishek Joshi – both of whom have specialized and vast knowledge and understanding in terms of building people-centric organizational processes, policies, systems, transformations, and culture. I am confident that going forward, Raman and Abhishek will bring tremendous value to optimize our company’s growth and scaling and enable seamless talent attraction and people management to fulfill the same while championing the people and culture agenda for Log9.”    

“I am extremely excited to be a part of one of the most innovative companies in India working towards solving climate change with a humane approach and helping humanity with climate-conscious technologies. As a LogNiner, my focus will be on connecting the dots from business strategies to people strategies — including talent attraction, talent management, developing next-gen leaders at Log9, and so on with the objective of building a work culture that reflects the philosophies and ideals that Log9 truly stands for. The long-term goal will be to make Log9 the most people-centric organization on the Planet,” Raman S R said on joining Log9. 

Abhishek Joshi added, “Climate change is real, and it’s here. To be part of something that actively contributes to addressing this challenge of our generation, one which will truly be remembered for years to come as world-changing, I am beyond excited. As a Log9er, I will be part of a truly life-changing organization, and my primary responsibility would be to create an environment that will give my colleagues the opportunities to flourish and to develop themselves. As Log9, we aspire to be a truly world-class organization, and for that, we would want our people to have a truly world-class experience right from the get-go.”

At Log9, both Raman and Abhishek will be working closely with each other to build and nurture a sustainable recruiting engine that attracts talent; design, develop and roll out market-leading programs that make Log9 an employer of choice; build people-leadership capabilities at Log9 and create and manage teams and an ideal workplace with a set of values, philosophies, and policies where people can thrive and grow in alignment with the company’s mission and vision.

Notably, Log9’s Bengaluru office currently has under its fold 100+ team members across various roles – all of whom are working together driven by the passion and commitment to solving climate change through innovations in battery storage and electric mobility. In the last year, Log9 has tripled its team strength and is further expecting to increase its team size by another 3x by the end of 2022.


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