*astTECS received TEC Certification renewal for its IP PBX product – First Open Source Telecom company to get TEC certification in 2019


*astTECS, announced today that they have received TEC Certification renewal for its IP PBX product from DoT ( Department of Telecommunication) Govt of India.

According to the Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules of 2017: From 1st Oct 2019 any list of telecom products covered under SCS and GSC which is being used or capable of being  used  shall have to undergo prior mandatory testing and certification in respect of parameters as determined by DoT from time to time.

*astTECS  IP PBX  conforms to all essential requirements issued by TEC under Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunications Equipment (MTCTE) as notified vide Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017. *astTECS is the first Open source telecommunication company to get TEC certification in 2019.

“TEC Certfication is a great step towards guaranteeing reliable products to the Telecom customers in India. Purchase of TEC Certified products guarnatees the customers peace of mind “- says Dr. Devasia Kurian, CEO of *astTECS.

*astTECS offers the most comprehensive, integrated and compelling telecommunication infrastructure solution based on Open Source platform that are feature rich, helps improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.



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