Zevo India Aims For 50% Solar-Powered EVs In Logistics By FY25


The company intends to power its electric fleet using solar energy. Solar-powered vehicles, as implied by the name, are electric vehicles that use solar power converted directly into electrical energy, reducing the running costs of the vehicles. Dhruv Bhatia, Co-founder and COO of Zevo India, stated that they plan for 50% of their facilities to be solar-powered this year, and by next year, all newly opened facilities will be 100% solar-powered.

Zevo India, a three-year-old startup, aims to revolutionize the logistics and mobility sector by integrating sustainable transportation with advanced technology. The startup offers electric logistics and supply chain solutions across two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheeler modes of transport.

The company plans to power its electric fleet using solar energy, with vehicles charged by solar power that converts directly into electrical energy, thereby reducing operational costs. Dhruv Bhatia, Co-founder and COO of Zevo India, mentioned that 50% of their facilities will be solar-powered this year, with all new facilities next year being 100% solar-powered.

Currently, Zevo is setting up its first solar-powered charging stations in Delhi and plans to expand to other major cities soon. The startup’s client roster includes prominent names like Flipkart, Zomato, Blinkit, and Uber, with upcoming partnerships with Maersk, Kuehne+Nagel, Mars, Transagile, Shadowfax, and Delhivery slated for FY24-2025.

These new partnerships reflect Zevo’s commitment to introducing technologically advanced vehicles into the Indian market. The company is also testing temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery electric vehicles (REVs) and has announced a collaboration with Macphy to provide temperature-controlled last-mile fleet services, expecting an order of over 2,000 vehicles, as Bhatia disclosed to ETAuto.

To improve fleet management and safety standards, the company is employing the latest technologies for vehicle analytics and monitoring. Bhatia added that they are exploring how to incorporate advanced safety features like ADAS into their fleet through collaborations with AI companies.

Zevo is also in the process of fundraising to expand its fleet size, although Bhatia prefers to keep the details confidential until the completion of the necessary paperwork. The company anticipates a significant revenue increase this financial year compared to FY23-24, targeting 10,000 vehicles and an annual revenue run rate of INR 250 crore. With already INR 5-6 crore earned this fiscal year, which matches their entire previous year’s revenue, Bhatia expressed high expectations for the financial year ahead.


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