EVR Motors Discusses Tech Sharing With Indian OEMs


The Israel-based EVR Motors designs Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (RFPM) motors and licenses this technology for manufacturing by OEMs and component makers.

EVR Motors, an electric motor company based in Israel, is currently engaged in negotiations with multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across India to establish licensing agreements for its electric vehicle motor technologies. The company’s India Managing Director, Sajal Kishore, shared with reporters today that these potential collaborations span various vehicle sectors, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles. These partnerships are viewed as pivotal for the company’s growth prospects.

Unlike mass manufacturers, EVR Motors specializes in the design and development of electric motors, particularly focusing on Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (RFPM) motor technology, which supports a wide range of voltages from 48 volts to over 400 volts. The company licenses its designs to component makers or OEMs through its wholly-owned subsidiary, I.EVR Pvt Ltd has established manufacturing partnerships with companies such as Napino, Belrise Industries, RSB Transmission, and Eka Mobility in India. These alliances are intended to strengthen EVR’s supply chain and enhance its capacity to serve both Indian and international markets.

EVR Motors generates its revenue through a combination of royalties from motor sales, licensing fees, and research and development programs with its partners. Kishore refrained from disclosing specific financial details but indicated that a significant increase in revenue is anticipated as electric vehicle adoption escalates.

The company has also recently commenced operations at its new facility in Manesar, its first outside of Israel. This facility focuses on the production of trapezoidal geometry coils, previously imported from Israel. These coils, crafted from copper with a high copper fill factor exceeding 50 percent, are crucial for optimizing the powertrain of OEMs, providing them a versatile platform.

India represents one of the largest global markets for EVR Motors. The company has secured a deal to supply a 35 KW motor to an OEM, indicating that OEMs who develop vehicle controllers internally have a distinct advantage. This is because EVR’s motors are compatible with any standard Field Oriented Control (FOC) motor controller, allowing for easy integration.

Regarding the decision against mass manufacturing, Kishore explained that many Israeli firms, including EVR Motors, are primarily focused on technology and innovation due to Israel’s limited local population and geographical size. This focus allows them to excel in research and development but not in large-scale manufacturing, which they prefer to leave to the expertise of their Indian partners.

Kishore also noted that, in the current market environment, customers often require detailed technical support as they navigate the limitations of standard off-the-shelf motor products. EVR Motors prides itself on its ability to respond to application-specific queries and provide customizable solutions through minor modifications and cost-effective programs, thus fostering deeper engagement with vehicle manufacturers and supporting their unique needs.


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