Vishay Intertechnology introduces super thin chip LEDs


Vishay Intertechnology Inc recently announced a series of super thin, ultra bright LEDs in the smallest SMD 0603 package. The new VLMx1300 series of LEDs uses an innovative ChipLED technology, paving the way for smaller end products with higher performance, more flexibility in design, and enhanced applications. The 0603 VLMx1300 LEDs will serve in small-scale, high brightness products that must work reliably in demanding environments.

All LEDs in the VLMx1300 series are mounted on highly reliable PCBs measuring 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.55 mm and have an extremely wide 130 degrees viewing angle. Available colors include super red, soft orange, yellow, yellow green, true green, blue, and white. Using ultra bright AllnGaP and InGaN technologies (depending on color), the color LEDs have a luminous intensity as high as 450 mcd at a forward current of 20 mA and a maximum forward voltage of 3.8 V. Blue is available with a protection diode that provides ESD immunity up to 8,000 V. The white LED has a maximum luminous intensity of 180 mcd at a forward current of 5 mA and a maximum forward voltage of 3.15 V.

The VLMx1300 ChipLED series’ low profile, exceptional brightness, and reliability make the color versions ideal for backlight applications including keypads, navigation systems, cellular phone displays, displays for industrial control systems, miniaturised colour effects, and traffic displays. The white version works well in backlighting for telephone and fax, audio and video equipment, office equipment, indoor and outdoor message boards, and flat backlight for LCDs, switches, and symbols.



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