Used products market to hit e-waste recycling initiative


A thriving second-hand market will restrict implementation of compulsory recycling of old televisions,refrigerators,washing machines,airconditioners,computers and mobile phones from May next year,say manufacturers. Home appliances and electronics makers like LG,Panasonic and Lenovo say they may have to raise product prices by 5-10 % because the environment ministry has made manufacturers accountable for implementing the policy,which will put Indian on par with developed countries.”In a margin competitive industry like ours,it can hurt profitability if we have to absorb the cost associated with recycling,” says LG Electronics India COO YV Verma.” “The government notification makes the manufacturer accountable for successful implementation of electronic product recycling and we need to make significant investment,” he adds.The government notification,’e-waste (Management and Handling) Rules,2011′,issued in May,makes it mandatory for the manufacturer to collect old products and recycle them.The companies have to set up collection centres for old products either individually or collectively,where consumers can go and deposit their old products.They have to also ensure that no hazardous materials are used for manufacturing.The initiative will cover products like computers,laptops,printers,copiers,cell phones,televisions including CRT,LCD and LED,refrigerator,washing machine and airconditioners.



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