SUN Mobility And Maker Of Reva Joins Hands With Microsoft For EV Infrastructure


Chetan Maini, the maker of Reva and Uday Khemka’s SUN Mobility have come together with technology giant Microsoft to create an effective smart network of universal energy infrastructure.

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SUN Mobility will use Microsoft’s technology to connect its batteries and quick interchange stations with end users through mobile app.

The network would purchase Microsoft Azure IoT for diagnostics, tracking, health monitoring, and anti-theft capabilities of the batteries. This IoT will also be used to analyze telemetry data to build Machine Learning models that would predict energy requirement, performance, and improve service delivery experience for EV users.

“In an era where the future of mobility is electric, powered by renewable energy and driven by AI, we’re excited to partner with Microsoft, to leverage cutting edge Cloud, IoT and AI technology,” said Uday Khemka, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of SUN Mobility.

“With over 18 million two wheelers and three wheelers sold in the country last year, we have introduced the world’s first interoperable solutions for electric two and three wheelers that will transform the way people commute.” said Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of SUN Mobility.

Maini claims that though the cost of running and maintenance of EV cars is less than petrol/ diesel cars, still it is more expensive due to higher cost of lithium ion batteries. He also believes that the reason for less growth of EV segment is due to lack of charging infrastructure.

SUN mobility plans to create this network in a phased manner across different major cities.


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