Solidworks Eyes Manufacturing Sector in India to Increase Revenue


With its Global Entrepreneur Program, Solidworks targets to expand its network in India and eyes to double its revenue by working with manufacturing firms

The software wing of Solidworks is planning to double its revenue in India by focusing on the manufacturing segment. The company having expertise in designing and engineering has come up with cloud products for India with varied ranges to achieve its target.

Suchit Jain, VP, Strategy and Community, Solidworks informed that the company’s growth rate in India stood at about 30 per cent and it aimed to raise it to the topmost rank in the future.


Although the company has revealed its challenges in India, its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is ready to launch a test for its customers. Solidworks software will be hosted by AWS and then it has planned to offer it in a cloud format like the Google Mail (Gmail).

Solidworks has been growing at a 19 per cent CAGR and the plan is to increase it to 25 per cent besides its dream of a two-fold increase in revenues. The VP also shared that the firm has included around 1,150 new companies in its portfolio.

Focus on startups

Solidworks is also emphasizing on startups in India. Its Global Entrepreneur Program will provide free tools, that otherwise would amount to lakhs, to startup firms. It plans to train them on these tools as a move of Solidworks’ promotion in the startup sector.

The company works with around 3,000 startups and it gets more than 300 applications per month for the program. In India, it has around 75 incubators and accelerators initially. It aims to expand its business in India through this program and further strengthen its portfolio.



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