Smoke generator


Measuretest Corp has launched a compact, portable and powerful smoke generator for airflow pattern studies in pharmaceutical and electronics clean rooms.

Features and USP: The product is incredibly easy to use and can produce a considerable amount of smoke ‘off power’ by using the energy retained within the high mass heat exchanger block. This allows an operator to carry the generator from room to room, generating smoke as required, without a trailing electrical lead. The resulting smoke has been analysed by independent laboratories to ensure that it is both non-toxic and non-flammable. Its canisters are re-sealed after use and part-used canisters can be utilised later. It has a 0.2 micron size mass median diameter, which means that dense smoke can be generated, yet with a substantially lower concentration of chemicals in the atmosphere.

For further details: Measuretest Corporation, 94, Atlanta, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021; Ph: 022-2364 5282; Email: [email protected]



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