NTL Electronics eyes Rs 15000 million sales in next 3 years, focus on LED business


ntl-lemnisWednesday, December 17, 2014: NTL Electronics, the electronic products developer for lighting industry, is aiming to generate revenues up to Rs 15000 million within next three years, besides undertaking new product segments as automotive electronics, set top boxes, etc.

NTL Electronics is a contract manufacturer of LEDs (light emitting diodes) and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) for major brands. The company, from this month onwards, will also engage itself into retail for LED via its own sales network. NTL Group MD Arun Gupta said, “We are targeting revenue of Rs 5000 million from our LED business from NTL Lemnis within next three years and from NTL Electronics, we are looking at revenue of close to Rs 7000 million to Rs 10,000 million.”

NTL electronics had a revenue base of Rs 7500 million in FY 2013-14. It serves in partnership with the Netherlands based company Lemnis Lighting ‘NTL Lemnis’, which deals in different professional lighting solutions for several sectors like mining, industrial, solar in India, Europe and Africa. Gupta while talking about the NTL’s performance in the current fiscal, said, “The industry overall appears to be in stress and the reasons are yet not known. Offtake of CFL’s are coming down; we see some dip in our revenue.”

Apart from its plans to develop LED products, NTL is also thinking over about options to extend its services in segment like automotive electronics, set top boxes manufacturing etc. Gupta said, “Our focus at NTL is LED where we are increasing products, customers and market. Apart from that we are also adding new electronic products other than lighting.”

NTL has seven manufacturing plants in Noida, Roorkee and Dehradun and is even planning to expand them further. The company is exporting its products to Europe and South Africa, Gupta said, “In the LED segment, we are earning 40 per cent revenue from exports and rest 60 per cent from domestic market.” He believes that the domestic share would increase once they will get into the retail segment as well.