New Launches: Oscilloscopes


Here’s a quick glimpse at the latest oscilloscopes launched in 2012

Digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs)

In July 2012, Good Will Instrument Co Ltd launched two new models in the GDS-3000 series of DSOs.

Good Will instrument's GDS 3502
Rs 3,00,000

Features and USP: The GDS-3502, with two channel inputs and the GDS-3504, with four channel inputs, have a high performance of 500 MHz bandwidth and 4GS/s sampling (2GSa/s sampling per channel). These DSOs retain all the features of the GDS-3000 series. The extension of bandwidth to 500MHz and sampling rate to 2GSa/s per channel allows these new products to better fit newer applications. The visual persistence oscilloscope (VPO) feature now displays more values while capturing higher speed spikes or glitch signals over a higher bandwidth testing platform. Its unique split screen allows each input channel to be operated independently. The ‘four-DSOs-in-one’ functionality of these models is very useful for the applications that need simultaneous observations over waveform details of multiple input signals carrying different characteristics.


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Dual channel DSOs

In July 2012, Tesca Technologies launched its dual channel DSOs.

Tesca Technologies' Dual channel DSOs
Rs 17,093-33,900

Features and USP: With a channel bandwidth of 60 MHz-200 MHz and real time sampling rate of 500 MSa/s and a memory depth of 4K, this DSO offers coloured TFT/LCD displays (the waveform display is clearer). It comes with the edge, pulse, video, slope, alternative and delay trigger modes. It offers unique digital filter and the waveform recorder functions, and provides a 32-parameter auto measure function. Its FFT waveform display on a split screen pops up the menu display in a convenient way, with a multi language user interface. In fact, Tesca offers multilingual online help as well. Its offers a full screen display (divided into 12 parts), and a 14.48 cm (5.7 inch) colour TFT screen with a resolution of 320×240.

For further details: 305, Taru Chhaya Nagar, Tonk Road, Jaipur 302029; Ph: +91 141 2724326, +91 9413330765; [email protected], [email protected];

1000B Series economy scopes

In May 2012, Agilent Technologies launched its 1000B series of oscilloscopes.

Agilent's 1000B series of oscilloscopes
Rs 48,500

Features and USP: The oscilloscopes in the 1000B series deliver performance and features normally only available in bigger scopes, yet come with the portability and low price of a small one. The economy scope has been enhanced by providing powerful signal capture and display, advanced measurement capabilities and accelerated productivity. The four new two-channel models, with bandwidths from 50 MHz to 150 MHz, offer powerful capabilities at an attractive price for engineers, technicians and educators. They offer a 1 GSa/s sample rate with up to 16 kpts memory and come with a 14.47 cm (5.7 inch) colour LCD display with a wide viewing angle, offering powerful signal capture and display. They also come with advanced measurement capabilities that offer 23 automatic measurements, and have advanced features like sequential acquisition of up to 1000 trigger events and selectable digital filters. With built-in help menus, a front panel overlay, a GUI manual available in 11 languages, this series ensures accelerated productivity.

For further details: Ph: 1800 112 929, 0124 234 2929; Fax: 1800 11 3035; [email protected]


Four channel, compact oscilloscopes

In July 2012, VigVen Tech Mark Pvt Ltd introduced USB powered scopes from Pico Technology.

Four channel, compact oscilloscopes by VigVen
Rs 54,973-137,440 (60-200 MHz)
Rs 192,417-428,815 (250-500 MHz)

Features and USP: PicoScope 3000 series of high performance oscilloscopes has been expanded to include six new 4-channel models. The new oscilloscopes offer a maximum sampling rate of 1 GS/s (up to 10 GS/s effective for repetitive signals), a range of input bandwidths from 60 MHz to 200 MHz, and buffer memory depths from 4 M to 128 M samples. The new FlexiPower system allows scopes to run on either USB or AC power. Also, PicoScope 6000 series oscilloscopes offer highest sampling rates and deepest memories. It offers maximum sampling rate of 5 GS/s, a range of input bandwidths from 250 MHz to 500 MHz, and buffer memory depths from 128 M to 1G samples. With an option of either a built-in function generator or a built-in arbitrary waveform generator, and a new slim case design, these scopes are perfect for engineers and technicians who need a complete, portable test bench in a single unit. Its software includes all the oscilloscope and spectrum analyser functions as well as serial decoding, mask limit testing, segmented memory and advanced triggers features.

For further details: 26, RBI Colony, 2nd Main Road, Ananda Nagar, Bengaluru 560024, Ph: +91 80 2333 9220; [email protected], [email protected];


A smart digital series of DSOs

In March 2012, Metro Electronic Products launched its MetroQ-Owon brand of smart digital series of DSOs

A smart digital series of DSOs
Rs 42,000

Features and USP: The SDS 8202 offers a bandwidth of 200 MHz and a sampling rate of 2 GS/s with 2+1 channels. It comes with a large yet slim 20.32 cm (8 inch) display and a chargeable battery. USB connectivity ensures the option to directly save data storage devices without connecting to a computer, and the DSO comes with an inbuilt LAN and SVGA option. With an overall weight of just 2 kg, this DSO also has the autoscale function.

For further details: 355, Old Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk Delhi 110 006; Ph/Fax: +91 11 23868195, 47508195, 23875355; [email protected];


Dual channel PDS series oscilloscopes

In February 2012, Instruments & Machinery Sales Corporation launched its PDS series of oscilloscopes.

Dual channel PDS series oscilloscopes
Rs 16, 000

Features and USP: With a bandwidth of 40-100 MHz, a 250 MS/s real time sample rate and dual-channel storage, the oscilloscopes in the PDS series are ideal for design, maintenance and detection. They offer five automatic measurements, high speed screen updates, save four waveforms and set-up parameters, and come with a memory of 6 KB/CH. This series of DSOs offers a conveniently insertable interface card for RS 232C. There is also a multi-language option available.

For further details: 58/1, Goa Mansion, 2nd Floor, Goa Street Fort, Mumbai 400001; Ph: 22691733; Fax: 22678864; [email protected]



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