New biometric products in the offing for banks


Uniphore Software Systems has teamed up with Nuance Communications to develop a partnership for speech recognition and voice biometric products targeting banks in India, says a ThirdFactor report.

Uniphore will leverage Nuance’s Voice Biometrics solutions for a mobile voice banking app that identifies and authenticates users based on their voice. Using automated conversation, banking account holders will be able to conduct banking and commercial transactions with their mobile phone.

The system doesn’t rely on specific mobile technology and can be used in low cost feature phones. Transactions are real time and support 14 local languages. With Nuance text to speech and outbound text message technologies, customers can received account updates.

This partnership expands Nuance’s footprint and capabilities in India. Under the terms of the partnership, Uniphore will ensure compliance with Indian banking regulations. The two companies hope to expand their partnership to include other vertical industries, including mHeath and mCommerce.


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