Marquardt’s Module Optimizes Battery Power And Ensures Safety


Marquardt is unveiling a new Cell Module Controller at the Battery Show in Stuttgart this June, designed for automotive, truck, and cell manufacturers. This controller monitors each individual battery cell in real-time.

Batteries are the core component of every electric vehicle. Marquardt has innovated a new Cell Module Controller (CMC), which will be showcased at the Battery Show in Stuttgart from June 18-20. This advanced CMC is designed to monitor each battery cell in real-time, allowing the master control unit to process data effectively to optimize battery performance and ensure protection against potential failures. Beyond its applications in mobile devices, the CMC is also adaptable for use in stationary energy systems.

Monitoring critical parameters like deep discharge, overcharging, and temperature spikes in lithium-ion batteries is essential for safety. The CMC addresses this need by overseeing each cell and delivering crucial data on battery condition and performance. If issues arise, the controller alerts the master control unit, which then determines the appropriate action, such as charging, cooling down, or rebalancing.

Balancing is crucial when some of the numerous cells in a battery are not fully charged, causing imbalances and disrupting the uniform cell voltage in the battery pack. Real-time monitoring and control prevent these scenarios. The CMC optimizes the operating status, guards against overcharging and overheating, and enhances the battery’s safety and longevity. This proactive management reduces the risk of battery failure and the associated high replacement costs, leading to significant long-term savings.

Marquardt’s Cell Module Controller is highly versatile and compatible with a variety of battery chemistries and form factors. It features Analog Front Ends (AFE) without software dependencies as a communication interface to other Electronic Control Units (ECUs), making it easy to integrate into various systems.

This CMC offers maximum flexibility for manufacturers of cars, trucks, and battery cells. It is also suitable for stationary battery systems. The design is scalable and continuously updated to meet evolving industry standards and customer needs. Marquardt is also developing wireless versions of the Cell Module Controllers to enhance system adaptability and installation efficiency, offering greater flexibility and ease of use across different applications.

Marquardt will provide more detailed information at the Battery Show from June 18 to 20 in Stuttgart.


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