Schaeffler And Symbio JV Innoplate Starts Fuel Cell Plate Production


Starting with an initial production capacity of 4 million bipolar plates, the Innoplate joint venture is projected to achieve an annual output of 50 million units by 2030, significantly supporting the expansion of hydrogen mobility in Europe.

Innoplate, a joint venture equally owned by Schaeffler and Symbio, has officially opened its new production facility for fuel cell bipolar plates (BPP) in Haguenau, France. These bipolar plates are crucial for fuel cell technology, and Innoplate stands as a powerful industrial collaboration that capitalizes on the technological and industrial strengths of its founding companies. Initially, Innoplate will produce 4 million bipolar plates annually, with plans to increase this capacity to 50 million by 2030, significantly boosting hydrogen mobility in Europe.

The collaboration between Schaeffler and Symbio at Innoplate focuses on the mass production of next-generation metallic BPP for fuel cells, supporting the rise of hydrogen-based clean mobility. Innoplate aims to accelerate the production of these advanced BPPs for the entire proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell market, thereby improving performance, capacity, and cost competitiveness for its customers.

Schaeffler contributes its industrial excellence and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) expertise, particularly in steel processing and coating technology, while Symbio brings its in-depth knowledge of fuel cell design and production. Production at Innoplate commenced in the first quarter of the year and is already supplying Symbio fuel cell systems.

Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO of Schaeffler AG, emphasized the strategic importance of hydrogen in future sustainable mobility, especially for heavy-duty applications. He expressed pride in launching the production of next-generation bipolar plates for fuel cells through the Innoplate joint venture with Symbio, highlighting how their innovative production technologies and industrial expertise can contribute to cleaner and more climate-friendly mobility, while also strengthening the Franco-German partnership.

Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio, noted that fuel cell bipolar plates are essential for fuel cell systems. He stated that Innoplate’s serial production capability is crucial for securing strategic sourcing and enhancing system performance, as well as for achieving significant cost competitiveness. Rosier expressed honour in partnering with Schaeffler to reinforce the European supply chain for hydrogen fuel cells with an innovative production system and advanced technology.


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