Maharishi Solar launches low cost solar thermal solutions


Maharishi Solar Technology recently launched Parabolic Trough–a low cost solar solution for Indian industries. The technology is a result of the strategic tie up with Abengoa Solar Inc, (ASI) a world leader in delivering solar technology solutions. At present, in India, most of the industries use thermal energy obtained from tons of conventional resources like electricity, fossil fuels and bio fuels for their manufacturing processes. Costs of these fuels are increasing and pose serious environmental hazards. India uses about 200 million tons of fossil fuel annually.

Speaking at the launch, Pradeep Khanna, CEO, Maharishi Solar Technology (P) Limited said, “We are pleased to launch Parabolic Trough in India, a technology that can save million tons of fossil fuel that is being used annually. It is an efficient time tested technology that replaces expensive fuel and thus can save millions for Indian industries.”
Indian industrial sector uses about 500 billion of fossil fuel for process heat. India also imports about 200 Million tons of liquid fuel annually. 40 per cent of this fuel is used in industries (80 Mil tons), 60 to 70 per cent of industrial energy used is in thermal form (48 to 56 Mil tons), 70 per cent of industrial thermal energy used in the range of 120 to 150 C (about 40 Mil tons). An estimated 30 per cent of the 40 Mil tons of oil requirements can be met through Parabolic Trough Collectors. Parabolic Trough can thus substitute the use of conventional resources and be cost and time efficient and save millions for Indian Industries.

Maharishi Solar has set a state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture Parabolic Troughs in Noida. Almost 91 per cent of the parts for this Parabolic Trough will now be manufactured in India. This will result in a significant cost reduction and this cost saving is passed on to the customers thus making it an affordable technology to use in manufacturing industries.


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