Liquid Instruments Partners With IEEE India To Provide Testing Equipment To Students

  • The partnership will witness the establishment of technical labs equipped with Liquid Instruments’ testing equipment.
  • The company will co-host seminars with IEEE for engineering students across India.

Precision software-defined instrumentation company, Liquid Instruments, has partnered with Global IEEE Institute for Engineers (IEEE India) to enhance technical workforce development, and establish technical communities equipped with efficient test and measurement tools.

Pathy Iyer, director of India sales and marketing at Liquid Instruments, said, “As the need for workers with high levels of technical and soft skills increases, we will continue to focus on advancing the know- how and growth of individuals in test and measurement.”

The partnership between Liquid Instruments and IEEE India, outlined in a memorandum of understanding, will involve private and government sector support in establishing technical labs equipped with Moku test and measurement equipment. Additionally, co-hosted seminars will benefit engineering students throughout India.

The company’s Moku product line, based on flexible FPGA technology, includes three all-in-one hardware options — Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, and Moku:Go. These devices offer up to 12 software-defined instruments, encompassing essential tools like oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, as well as advanced instruments like lock-in amplifiers and laser lock boxes.

“This partnership aligns well with IEEE’s objective of advancing engineering education standards in India. This collaboration will enable focused webinars and workshops which will not only enable students but also will be helpful in conducting focused FDPs (Faculty Development Programs) in India,” said Sri Chandrasekaran, country head, IEEE India.

IEEE, as the world’s largest technical professional organisation with over 400,000 members across 160 countries. IEEE India Operations Centre, established in 2010 and headquartered in Bengaluru, focuses on standards, technical activities, membership development, digital library support, and philanthropy programs. Under the umbrella of the IEEE Blended Learning Program (BLP), IEEE India develops educational initiatives that provide training and skill development for both students and industry professionals.

The collaboration between Liquid Instruments and IEEE India is expected to benefit universities and engineering students across India, offering enhanced educational opportunities and access to state-of-the-art test and measurement tools.



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