LED light bulb prices dropped by 2%-6%


LEDinside’s recent price survey, targeting the warm white LED light bulbs in global major markets as replacements for traditional 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs, indicates that the ASP of LED light bulb for 40W incandescent light replacement declined to USD 24 with a 2% drop compared to June.

The ASP of LED light for 60W incandescent light replacement plunged to USD 45 with a 6% decrease.

LEDinside points out that in regard to prices in July, the European market underwent the most prominent setback, averaging a double-digit price decline. In addition to fluctuations in the currency exchange rates and mild price adjustments by major brand vendors, the drastic price downturn can be mostly attributed to the effects caused by second-tier manufacturers’ new products.

The Japanese market suffered the second largest decline (a 5% drop in LED light bulb ASP), with the American market in a close third. As for the South Korean market, the LED light bulb price remained steady.



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