Lead free soldering iron stations


In September 2011, Kyoritsu added a high-frequency induction heating soldering iron station to its product portfolio.

Features and USP: This product series provides high power solutions for production soldering, touch-up soldering and SMD reworking. The AL301S and i153 series incorporate a state-of-the-art technology that dynamically responds to the load, precisely delivering the required energy for each connection, while protecting sensitive components and substrates from damage. With this technology, users are assured of highly responsive and controlled heating. With nearly double the power, the time to recovery increases production rates and throughput. Other features of this product include auto sleep mode, which saves energy and ensures the long life of the tip, an external EMS terminal, temperature-sensor functions on the inside of the tip, and a digital three-stage temperature setting function (settings are changed in 1-degree units).

For further details: Kyoritsu Automation India Pvt Ltd; Ph: +91250 247 677; [email protected]; www.kyoritsuautomation.com

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