The latest inspection systems complement the dynamic requirements of the SMT industry


High speed, accuracy and attention to detail are the cornerstones for deciding which solder paste inspection system to opt for. This, coupled with the latest technology available in the form of 3D soldering, has enhanced the workflow and reduced inspection time significantly. Software compatibility has also increased over the years, providing stringent monitoring at every level. Solder paste deposition is the key element in board assembly operations that use SMT.


Model: SPI 2500 3D, Brand: Parmi, Manufacturer: Parmi Corp, Republic of Korea

SPI 2500 is claimed as the SMT industry’s first 3D offline solder paste inspection system. It has been acclaimed for technology innovation in solder paste inspection. Used for detailed analysis of the printing process, it is powered by a DC servo motor. The system creates high density 3D data in 6.4mm x 4.8mm field of view (FOV). The SPI 2500 measures solder paste height, area and volume automatically. This system is extremely simple to use and has a basic loading operation.


Key features:

  • Optimal solution for monitoring and analysis of the solder paste printing process
  • Measures height, volume and area of solder paste with accuracy
  • Suitable for checking the CSP and fine pitch QFP paste locations
  • Authentic measuring based on the real 3D image
  • Measuring speed: 30 profiles/sec

Contact details: 042-478-9900, [email protected],
India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd

CyberOptics SE600Model: SE600 3D SPI, Brand: CyberOptics, Manufacturer: CyberOptics Ltd, USA
CyberOptics’ flagship SPI system, the SE600, is an advanced, high performance system. It brings together accuracy and world-class usability on a single platform, making it an ideal inspection solution for automotive, medical, military and other top niche markets. The SE600 comes with a standard dual illumination sensor designed to offer accurate GR&R results, even on the smallest of paste deposits. The new SPIV5 software offers features that enable smarter and faster inspection.

Key features:

  • Ultimate precision accuracy
  • State-of-art dual illumination sensor enabling ‘true’ height measurement with shadow-free imaging
  • High speed inspection with peak 108cm²/sec speed (average 80cm²/sec)
  • Award-winning newly designed software
  • Multi-touch intuitive software enabling a short learning curve
  • Closed loop feedback ready
  • CyberPrint OPTIMIZER ready
  • Mounter feed forward ready

Contact details: [email protected],

A600Model: A600, Brand: VisionMaster, Manufacturer: VisionMaster Inc, USA
The A600 is the latest, fully automatic, set-and-forget SPI system for monitoring and tweaking the solder paste printing process. One needs to open a Gerber file and select the components that need to be measured by dragging the mouse. With a click, the system takes over, automatically finding fiducials, identifying pads and filing away height and volume data for each pad. Colour coded pads on the Gerber data show pads outside the thresholds in real-time. Historical data for the board is available by sliding a simple slider back and forth. Zooming into the Gerber data allows access to 3D views of the pads. Data is presented in intuitive ‘exploding’ charts for SPC.

Key features:

  • Measurement speeds of up to 17cm²/sec
  • 10μm lateral resolution and accuracy
  • Plug-and-play with Windows 7/8 desktop or laptop
  • xy motion to scan PCB panels up to 460mm x 400mm
  • Advanced white light and infrared structured light scanning

Contact details: Allegra McNeally, [email protected],
India distributor: Accurex Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

BF-X3-Saki-High-Resolution 1Model: BF-X3, Brand: Saki, Manufacturer: Saki Corporation, Japan
The BF-X3 can separate the top and bottom sides of a printed circuit board. It can also measure solder joint structure of assembled QFNs and BGAs and the lamination state of PoPs with high definition in 3D. This system corrects PCB warpage and position misalignment, and creates 3D data for the entire sample by connecting partially reconstructed 3D data. It supports inspection data generation for microchips, large ICs and connectors without requiring a user to intentionally execute a special operation for FOV size. It is equipped with a stabilisation method of X-ray intensity and an automatic calibration method to assure automatic inspection capability.

Key features:

  • Planar computed tomography (PCT)
  • Automated separation of top and bottom of PCB
  • Micro focus closed type X-ray source
  • High definition flat panel detector
  • Measurement for non-wetting and head-in-pillow

Contact details: Satoshi (John) Otake, deputy general manager, [email protected]
India distributor: Prime Chemfert Industries Pvt Ltd