Innovative biometric systems are useful for SME


Most SME owners have a hard time in monitoring their employees and ensuring security of their assets. In order to maintain better discipline at the workplace, they need innovative biometric and surveillance products that are cost effective and provide fool proof security, says Ashwin Srivastava, Incept, a leading biometrics company in India. Their rapid growth has been due to the unique office automation products that they offer for SMEs, and by providing a strong customer service through their 130+ service locations across India, reports Nagpur Entrepreneur.

Biometrics and surveillance form backbone of the security and HR sector. Better management of resources and creation of a secure and automated environment in office is possible through such systems.

There are nearly 3 million SMEs across India.Biometric systems can really be useful for SMEs, he said. It helps to save a lot of money. Biometric systems can be used to calculate total number of monthly work hours of each employee. “This is just one example, and there are hundreds more where the use of system proved very useful,” he added.


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