India likely to start anti-dumping probe into solar products, says China media


anti-dumping probe into solar products, says China mediaAccording to a report, India’s government has received complaints from the domestic solar industry asking it to start an anti-dumping probe into solar cells and components from firms in Malaysia, China, Taiwan and the US, according to China-based media outlet. In 2011, the total solar module export value from China to India was around CNY1.6 billion (US$253 million), far less than the export value of CNY130 billion from China to Europe in the same year.

The report says, solar firms noted that though the India market does not have a strong impact on the global solar market, the inclusion of Malaysia in the possible investigation has raised some concerns. Malaysia is a location desired by many China-based solar brands as a strategy to avoid being taxed by the US or possibly, the EU. Also, Taiwan-based AU Optronics (AUO) has been cooperating with US-based SunPower to set up a solar cell plant in Malaysia.

However, solar firms in China fear the domino effect of anti-dumping investigations may spread among emerging solar markets. Furthermore, increasing trade barriers in major solar markets may push back the development of the global solar industry, it is reported.

Total installed solar modules in India was 480MW in 2011, with 346MW imported from China. The top three exporters from China to India are Suntech, Canadian Solar and China Sunergy, according to the China-based media outlet, states the report.



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