Hindustan Shipyard Launches Rooftop Solar Power System


As part of its contribution to the environment, HSL has set up its rooftop solar power system with the support of rooftop solar developer CleanMax

Public sector unit (PSU), Hindustan Shipyard Limited, has installed a 2 MW rooftop solar power system as part of its green initiative. Developed by India’s largest rooftop solar developer, CleanMax, the new launch is said to be the largest rooftop solar plant in Andhra Pradesh at a single location.

HSL energy savings

HSL can save around Rs. 48 lakh per year in the energy costs section with the newly set solar power system. Around 35 per cent of the total power consumption of the unit will be covered with the help of 28 lakh units of clean solar energy generation on an annual basis. It will also aid in the company’s efforts to contribute to the environment and growth of the country. Pravin Kumar, Visakhapatnam district collector has applauded HSL’s initiative and urged other public sector units across the country to switch to solar power. CleanMax Solar, under its Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) Rooftop Solar Scheme,  is set to invest, install and operate the 2MW system under a long-term agreement with HSL.

Rear Admiral (retd) L.V. Sarat Babu, chairman and managing director, HSL, said that the move would contribute to the development of the country in the solar power sector at length. He also added that HSL intends to enhance the 2MW to a 4MW solar power system.

HSL has earlier set up solar panels on seven of its buildings. Umakant Shinde, CEO, CleanMax Solar developer informed that the latest project was completed in about six months’ time.

The government has been stressing over the importance of solar energy and quite a good number of companies have joined in the move to adopt solar power. It has targeted an installation of 40 GW solar power capacity by 2022. Hindustan Shipyard Limited’s move, alongside Greater Vishakha Municipal Corporation’s 4 MW solar energy generation has become an addition to accomplish the target.


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