Hexaa Bytes' BGA rework station


Hexaa Bytes Systems has launched a new BGA rework station—the HBS 6798, to be used in industrial environments with auto pickup and placement of BGA components.

Features and USP: HBS 6798 product is fully based on Embedded/PLCs which support the engineers to easily rework the BGA chips with added advanced technology of automation in components pickup and placement. This series offers three heaters (upper/lower-hot air heater, bottom-IR heater) which perform heating independently according to the variation in time and temperature. The large size of the IR heater will generate uniform heat for the larger board. The user can reduce the back heater area by switching off the outer IR heater zone by select switch. The IR back heater can be movable depending on the PCB placement. The PCB holder has the fine movement for X/Y axis adjustment by micro macro meter. It has user friendly LCD monitor to view the BGA balls and PCB pad with 200X magnification. The real time profile display the temperature of the PCB and component and time. The user can set the profile depending upon the component and PCB as it is user friendly and save those profile in the builtin industrial computer. The built in cooler will cool the component and PCB after completion of the profile. The suction nozzle can identify height between the BGA component and the nozzle automatically.

For Further Details: Hexaa Bytes Systems, 37–B, Venkatesa Nagar, 2nd Main Road, Extension–II, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600 092. Email: [email protected], [email protected]; Website: www.hbschennai.com



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