Flexible display market growing at 107 per cent CAGR to 2019


flexible screenMay 21, 2015: According to a recent market report , the global flexible display market 2015-19 will grow at a CAGR of 107 per cent driven by the latest developments and growing demand for technology, R&D and the investments in capacity expansion. The report which offers current scenario and growth prospects, highlights three key vendors in the industry which includes J E Ink Holdings Inc, LG Display Co. Ltd and Samsung Display Co. Ltd.
Moreover, the report also cites certain challenges of the market which include mass production and low adoption.
The market growth and size has been calculated considering the total revenue generated from the shipments of flexible displays for applications including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TVs and others. According to the report, the market can be broken down into three comprehensive technology segments including electronic paper display (EPD), liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. The report highlights that the demand for user-friendly and ubiquitous displays as human interfaces will also increase in the coming years.
Corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung Display are using flexible displays to create products that are wearable and are more integrated with human life. The analysts expect to see demand for this technology increasing rapidly in the coming years. For instance, Samsung Display has launched a phone with a curved display. In addition, both Sony and Samsung have launched TVs with curved screens and they are now shifting their focus to manufacturing TVs with flexible screens.