Thoughtworks And AWS Unveil SDV Pulse For Industry Megatrend Navigation


Global technology consultancy and Amazon Web Services have released their first annual report, designed to assist automakers in quickly maximizing the potential of software-defined vehicles.

Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy specializing in strategy, design, and engineering, has unveiled its inaugural annual report titled Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Pulse. This report draws on insights from Thoughtworks’ and Amazon Web Services (AWS) extensive experience in aiding automotive clients worldwide in their shift towards SDV. The report details the integration of software in modern vehicles, which enables advanced features ranging from passenger infotainment systems to autonomous driving capabilities.

The SDV Pulse report offers a comprehensive compilation of relevant technologies, practices, and trends essential for automakers and suppliers as they formulate their SDV strategies. It presents forty key insights termed as ‘pulse points’, each highlighting a specific technology, practice, or trend. These pulse points are categorized into different adoption stages identified by Thoughtworks and AWS experts. These stages include the ‘concept phase’ for emerging technologies with unproven potential, ‘early adoption’ for innovations providing significant differentiation opportunities for early adopters, and ‘mass adoption’ for trends that are becoming prevalent across the industry, narrowing the window for unique value creation.

Michael Fait, the global head of technology for SDV at Thoughtworks, emphasized the intricate yet unavoidable connection between the automotive industry and software engineering, stating that understanding both the challenges and vast opportunities is crucial for remaining competitive and future-proofing business models.

Key themes highlighted in the SDV Pulse include:

  • In-vehicle zero-trust architecture (ZTA) in the concept phase: ZTA enhances cybersecurity by operating on a principle of no inherent trust.
  • Continuous compliance in the concept phase: This approach automates compliance checks within software development pipelines, facilitating early detection and rectification of compliance issues.
  • Developer portals for vehicle APIs in the early adoption phase: These portals aid developers in creating applications using vehicle APIs, accelerating the growth of the SDV ecosystem.
  • Rust in the early adoption phase: As a safer and more productive alternative to C++ for embedded automotive software, Rust’s open-source nature supports its application in safety-critical environments.
  • Automotive grade Linux (AGL) in the mass adoption phase: Originating as an infotainment system platform, AGL has evolved into a comprehensive software framework adopted by major automotive manufacturers.
  • Hardware accelerators in the cloud in the mass adoption phase: These accelerators address the challenges posed by the growing scarcity and cost of physical hardware, enhancing the efficiency of data processing in the cloud.

Stefano Marzani, Worldwide Technology Lead for SDV at AWS, highlighted the proactive approach of AWS in solving industry challenges through cloud development, enabling the utilization of advanced technologies such as AI, ML, and generative AI. This strategic partnership between AWS and Thoughtworks aims to steer the automotive industry towards a software-defined future by leveraging cloud technology to transform data into actionable insights for future vehicle functionalities and features.


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