ELCINA elects Mr T Vasu, director, Tandon Group as president for 2011-12


ELCINA Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) at its Annual General Meeting held in New Delhi on 15th September 2011 elected Mr T VASU as President for the year 2011-12. Mr Vasu, who is director, Tandon Group has vast experience in electronics manufacturing including the public and private sectors as well as with MNCs. He started his career with a public sector in Chennai. He has served the Celetronix Group of Companies in various senior capacities including as MD of Celetronix Power India Pvt. Ltd and 3G Wireless. He has exposure to a wide range of business functions like manufacturing, quality, supply chain and customer service. Mr. Vasu has also been Chairman of the Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZs Units and has been Vice President of ELCINA since 2009.

Tandon Group, also well known as Celetronix Group of Companies, are pioneers in EMS, IT and electronics manufacturing serving a wide range of industries including information technology, telecom, wireless, and strategic electronics. Their products are exported across the globe to USA, East Europe, South America and the Far East.

Mr. Vasu is supported by a strong team of office bearers including Mr. Subhash Goyal, Managing Director Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd., Bangalore and Mr. Pawan Sharma, Director, Victor Component Systems Pvt Ltd., New Delhi both elected as Vice-Presidents. They are successful medium scale entrepreneurs, who have built vibrant electronics manufacturing companies from scratch, in the face of tough global competition and a zero customs duty environment.

The AGM was followed by the ELCINA-EFY Award Function in which the Association recognizes excellence in electronics manufacturing and services to encourage the industry.


ELCINA has been presenting these Awards since last 36 years and these are widely regarded as one of the most respected recognitions in the industry. The Awards are supported by senior officials from Department of Information Technology and industry leaders who participate as Award Committee members. This year the Awards were presented by Dr R Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India and Dr Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary, Department of IT, Government of India.

ELCINA is the oldest (since 1967) and largest electronics industry association which is promoting value added electronics manufacturing in India, for which there is a critical need in the country. India has huge dependence on imported electronic components and products which needs to be overcome urgently. ELCINA is working towards that goal.



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