Canon's Alok Bharadwaj amongst the “Global Top 100 People influencing EMS"


Dr Alok Bharadwaj, senior vice president, Canon India has been featured in the “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS) Worldwide” in 2012 by

The list comprises of 100 EMS influencers recognising academicians; service providers, entrepreneurs, executives, law makers, investors and many others who are leading initiatives or influencing electronics manufacturing operations in some way to also influence and prepare clients; organisations, industries or nations to make better decisions to meet the challenges facing today’s technology decision makers.

“I feel privileged and honoured to be featured with such respected professionals from around the world. India is the last great emerging market for EMS. Everyone around the world wants to know how can India evolve as a viable EMS destination source and how can India can leverage electronics manufacturing services capabilities to the global market. India is already a $ 50 billion ICTE hardware consuming market. By 2020, we expect this to become US$ 400 billion. Unfortunately the local manufacturing content in the value chain is marginal. If properly nurtured with right policies from government & higher commitment from industry, India has all the right to emerge as big manufacturing destination,” said Dr Alok Bharadwaj.

He also added, “We must also attract FDI in this area. Technology manufacturing is highly global in nature. It gravitates towards places which can offer stable, consistent & supportive policies and infrastructure. There is no other reason for such investments.”


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