Autos, IT, mobile phones and PCs push chip sales


Global semiconductor sales jumped in the second quarter on robust demand from auto makers, IT suppliers, and emerging markets like China and India where PCs and wireless handsets are the strong industry drivers.  A new Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) study claims that sales of semiconductors have risen by over 7 per cent in the last quarter, with electronic components sold worldwide in the three months between April and June, up 7.1 per cent to US$ 74.8 billion, from the 69.9 billion seen in the first quarter of this year. Brian Toohey, president of the SIA, said, “Sales in the first half of 2010 were exceptionally robust, driven by strong demand from a broad range of end markets.” He added that the group expects that growth rates will continue for the rest of the year, fulfilling the prediction of a 28.4 per cent rise for the whole of 2010.

Meanwhile, the International Data Corporation has also predicted that semiconductor revenue will be boosted over the next 12 months, claiming that sales could reach US$ 340 billion by 2014. The strong revenue growth was due to increased demand for a range of products, including consumer electronics, PCs and automobiles. Emerging markets like China and India were big contributors to growing chip sales, with an increased demand for PCs and cellphones.



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