Adani Defence & Aerospace Acquires Strategic Stake In General Aeronautics

The partnership provides a platform for rapid growth and scalability of innovative technologies.


Specialised in developing robotic drones, General Aeronautics, a Bangalore based start-up works closely with farmers and agricultural chemical companies to offer tech enabled crop protection services, health monitoring, precision farming and yield monitoring. Adani Defence & Aerospace has acquired a 50% equity stake in this startup while aligning to their objectives in providing a platform for startups and MSMEs for rapid growth and scalability of innovative technologies.

 Ashish Rajvanshi, CEO of Adani Defence & Aerospace, said, “The cross-industry application of drones is nearly limitless and continues to make great strides. The partnership between General Aeronautics and Adani Defence & Aerospace fuses our military and civilian objectives by integrating several capabilities of Adani Group’s military UAV capabilities with the capabilities of General Aeronautics thereby providing us with a platform with far reaching possibilities” 

 Abhishek Burman, CEO of General Aeronautics, added, “ I look forward to our partnership unlocking substantial scale, leveraging their vision and commitment to the unmanned capabilities which will help facilitate India becoming the drone hub of the world.” 



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