8-bit microcontrollers for motor control


Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd (FMAL) has introduced 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory, which are ideal for applications such as microwave ovens, food processors, hair dryers, office equipment that require brushless DC motor controllers.

Features and USP: The 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory have a memory capacity of up to 60 KB and 48-pin packaging. Equipped with up to 12 channels of high precision A/D converters, chips in this series can receive multiple sensor inputs and run complex processing programs. The new series includes various timer and communication functions that are useful for general purpose applications, along with high precision oscillators, thereby significantly contributing to the reduction of parts used in system architectures.

By embedding CR oscillators, a low voltage detection circuit and watchdog timer, the microcontrollers successfully reduce the need for two or three external components, such as an oscillator and reset IC. The microcontrollers embed high performance flash memory, which can be rewritten/read 100,000 times even while running a program, and is guaranteed to retain the data for 20 years.

For further details: Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd, Ph:+656-3817434, Email: [email protected]



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