Tesla Builds Data Centres In China To Store Data Locally


The Chinese government had recently banned Tesla cars from more location over similar concerns

Electric vehicle giant Tesla has announced that it has established a new data centre in China in order to keep the data collected from the vehicles in the country locally.

Authorities all over the world have become increasingly concerned about data that cars collect through cameras and sensors. The Chinese government had recently banned Tesla cars from more location over similar concerns. 

The Elon Musk-owned company said via its official Weibo account, “We have established a data center in China to achieve data storage localisation and will continue to add more local data centers… All data generated from the sales of vehicles in the Chinese mainland market will be stored in China.” 

Tesla is making Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles in China, which is also the company’s second-largest market. 

Earlier this year, Electrek reported on Tesla facing some challenges in China regarding its data collection from the cameras in its vehicles.

As per an ANI report, it was reported lately that Chinese authorities had been objecting against the data collection terms of Tesla. The concerns appeared to be related to Tesla’s use of cameras all around its vehicles and where the data is going.

Musk even commented on the story by stating the obvious: “Tesla is not using its vehicles’ cameras to spy on China,” but it didn’t seem to alleviate the concerns as even more government entities reportedly told employees not to park their Tesla vehicles on government property.


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