Automakers Including Piaggio, Mahindra Electric and Kinetic Green Bid For CESL’s E3W Tender


The tender is estimated to cost around Rs 3,000 crore

Automakers including Piaggio India, Mahindra Electric Mobility and Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions have bid for supplying electric three-wheelers (E3W) as part of a 100,000-vehicle tender by state-run Convergence Energy Services Ltd’s (CESL), as per a report.

Livemint reported while citing sources that the tender saw bids for seven times the proposed purchase plan from 21 companies, including eight small and medium enterprises and startups.

The tender is estimated to cost around Rs 3,000 crore.

CESL is conducting the technical evaluation of the bids, and the price bids are expected to be opened this week.

“Many of these bids are in collaborations, and firms have formed consortiums,” said one of the two people.

The publication added that the company plans to lease around half of these electric vehicles and sell the rest through its digital platform.

The request for proposals invited manufacturers to provide quotations for electric three-wheelers for garbage disposal, goods carriers, food and vaccine transport and passenger autos.

“We expect to develop a significant leasing business and are already in touch with third-party investors,” CESL’s Acharya said earlier.

“This tender also includes demand from cities that wish to change their garbage collection fleet from fossil fuel to electric, or add a new fleet that is clean and cheaper to operate. A significant portion of this tender also comprises demand for vehicles that will be used to provide employment and the delivery of vaccines,” CESL had said in an earlier statement.


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