US based Pebble Technology formally enters India


Indian wearable market has got very few players and industry experts believe that this market could will be a hit in the country. The latest entrant in this field is US-based Pebble Technology Corporation, who have formally announced their entry in the Indian market. It has launched smartwatches in the country starting from Rs 5,999.

Pebble launched its first smartwatch globally in 2011, four years before Apple came into this genre and the company feels that India can be a very market for them and it is a very strategic move for the company.

According to Counterpoint Research, the sale of wearable devices is expected to jump 63 per cent this year. And global companies are gearing up have their share in this market. According to IDC, 110 million wearable devices will be shipped in 2016, up by nearly 38 per cent from the last year.

The company has launched four smartwatches initially starting from Rs 5,999 and go upto Rs 15,999. In comparision Apple smartwatches are priced way over at Rs 30,900.

Global companies are gearing up to enter this market as it provides opportunities galore for them and wearable market is just one of them.

By Atanu Kumar Das