Mouser’s Three-Ring Customer Service Plays Role in Distributor’s Success: Mark Burr-Lonnon

Mukul Yudhveer Singh


With lockdowns starting in March of 2020, Burr-Lonnon points out that overcoming logistics hurdles really helped Mouser deliver for its customers. As an essential business, Mouser worked with its logistics partners to be sure customers received their product orders on time

Mark Burr-Lonnon, Senior Vice President of Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business, Mouser Electronics

Customers calling Mouser Electronics can usually expect to get their calls answered within the first three rings. This high level of service, combined with the distributor’s best-in-class logistics and e-commerce capabilities, has helped Mouser maintain its strong Top 10 position, despite challenging business conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were named an essential business at the onset of the pandemic. We are fully operational at all 27 of our global locations, and the entire Mouser team is working diligently to provide the world’s broadest selection of electronic components, in stock and available for immediate shipment,” states Mark Burr-Lonnon, Senior Vice President of Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business, Mouser Electronics.

Burr-Lonnon adds “Our priority throughout the pandemic has been keeping all 2,500 Mouser team members around the world safe from the virus, with every possible measure. Additionally, we continue to focus on the needs of our customers, so we make it a point to answer calls within three rings. This focus has helped us eliminate a lot of customer frustrations.”

Along with high service, Mouser stocks the widest selection of electronic components in the world. In the first half of 2020, Mouser signed distribution agreements with 45 new manufacturers, bringing its current line card to more than 1,100 manufacturer brands. Among the new distribution deals is an agreement with e-peas, where Mouser became the first authorized distributor to stock the company’s energy-harvesting PMICs for immediate shipment around the world.

Keeping logistics strong

With lockdowns starting in March of 2020, Burr-Lonnon points out that overcoming logistics hurdles really helped Mouser deliver for its customers. As an essential business, Mouser worked with its logistics partners to be sure customers received their product orders on time.

“Mouser’s global logistic partners — such as DHL, FedEx and UPS — have been integral to keeping our worldwide business going. They have been getting products into countries and locations, India specifically, throughout this pandemic and the local lockdowns. The Mouser teams have done a great job managing this tough time in coordination with our logistics partners,” says Burr-Lonnon.

Mouser’s logistics, service and e-commerce capabilities have earned the distributor numerous industry awards. In 2019 and 2020, Mouser received over 20 top business awards from its manufacturer partners for impeccable distribution performance. Manufacturers such as TE Connectivity, KEMET, Molex, Vishay, Littelfuse, Digilent, Neutrik and Bel Fuse gave a variety of reasons for the awards, including best-in-class global logistics, digital excellence, double-digit sales growth, fastest new product introductions (NPIs), commitment to teamwork, investment in inventory and breadth of inventory, successful marketing campaigns, customer growth, and expanding footprint.

Educating through events

In February, prior to the pandemic, Mouser sponsored the popular India Electronics Week 2020 as an Associate Partner. India Electronics Week highlights the achievements of the electronics industry in India and beyond.

“India Electronics Week gives Mouser an opportunity to talk with design engineers, learning about their design successes and challenges, and informing them about the latest technologies and solutions from our 1,100-plus manufacturers,” Burr-Lonnon states.

He adds, “Through events like India Electronics Week — which promotes cutting-edge topics like IoT, smart lighting, Industry 4.0, embedded systems, and 3D printing — we hope to help shape the innovators, inventors, startups, and engineers who will create future technological wonders.”

In March, the pandemic changed the event landscape with most events going virtual. Mouser has supported many virtual events and recently sponsored NXP Connects 2020. The event was NXP Semiconductors’ first fully virtual training event — a two-day forum designed to foster discussion and collaboration on emerging trends. Other notable events and programs sponsored by Mouser include the Create the Future Design Contest, Free Qorvo Design Summit and Silicon Labs’ Works With 2020 Smart Home Conference.

Mouser was also named as the Signature Sponsor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA), which cancelled the March 2020 annual conference. Mouser is a corporate member of ECEDHA, which provides valuable opportunities for industry leaders such as Mouser to partner with prominent engineering schools as ECE faculty gather to discuss the latest trends and information in educational tools, curriculum, and industry requirements for future engineering professionals.

“The idea behind sponsoring such great programs and events really centres on the fact that Mouser Electronics takes pride in every relationship and association it has within our industry. We want to help our customers achieve their goals. Events are a great way to connect with people, even if done virtually,” Burr-Lonnon states.

Additionally, Mouser is a founding sponsor of the Women in Electronics (WE) organization. As the name suggests, WE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional and personal leadership development of women in the electronics industry.

Planning for Growth

Looking ahead to 2021, Mouser is planning for future growth with cautious but strong optimism, Burr-Lonnon explains. “Our focus will continue to remain on our employees, their families, our valued customers, manufacturer partners and vendors. We’ve just completed a major expansion at our Global Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Centre in Texas, where we are stocking the industry’s widest selection of products, with over one million different SKUs.”

He adds, “Currently, we have over $855 million (USD) of inventory, ready to ship same day.”

Mouser is uniquely positioned, Burr-Lonnon says, focusing on new product introductions (NPIs) as a key driver for its business, which sets the company apart in the industry. With an NPI inventory that is more than 20 per cent of its total inventory, Mouser provides customers with an edge by helping design engineers avoid costly redesigns, speeding their time-to-market and providing a longer product lifecycle. Burr-Lonnon is of the view that 5G will continue to drive design in the near future.

“From the product and market trend perspective, government investment in 5G deployment as an economic stimulus may happen at some point, creating even more demand. It is no surprise that our RF product lines are experiencing strong demand,” Burr-Lonnon states.

He adds, “As we come out of the shutdowns from the pandemic, it’s really too soon to predict how manufacturing will play out. But at Mouser, we are planning for the continued increase in usage of electronic devices and systems.

“If anything, this situation will accelerate the digital revolution across many industries. Mouser is excited and poised for the future,” concludes Burr-Lonnon.


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