Inventus India Now Known As Athera Venture Partners

The company also announced the launch of Fund IV of Rs 900 Cr.


Athera is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘path’ and direction. This new identity reveals the Indian-ness while having a focus towards investing in the Indian start-up ecosystem. The word, ‘Athera’ further epitomises the demonstrated way of working with the founders the company backs. Rebranding and reiterating its vision and focus, Inventus India, is now known as Athera. 

Parag Dhol, General Partner, Athera Venture Partners, says, “Our new name expresses our intent of being companions to the founders we back, with long term support that is required in a dynamic environment. Our ethos is recognised and appreciated by the founders we have partnered with, and is evident in the return of many who become investors in our fund.”

Rutvik Doshi, General Partner, Athera Venture Partners, adds, “At Athera, we are committed to identifying and supporting India’s most visionary tech entrepreneurs.” 

The launch of Athera’s Fund IV of Rs. 900 crores has also been announced, which existing investors, financial institutions, overseas funds, and family offices are looking at. 

In continuation to the core strategy of investing in new and emerging technology sectors, Athera’s fund focuses on themes like Internet of Things, Consumer Internet, Mobile, SaaS, Enterprise Software, FinTech, Web 3.0 and Deep Technology. Fund IV will invest with ticket sizes between Rs. 5-45 crore, and follow on in future rounds. 

Playshifu, Pixxel, Euler Motors are few technology start-ups out of the 13 that were invested by Inventus III – India Fund.



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