India is among top 5 green energy markets in 2015


This is real good news for India, for the first time we have featured in the top five nations in new investments in 2015 global renewable energy development. India also features in the top four as regards creating jobs in the green energy sector.

What is interesting is that emerging markets broke the record in 2015 by committing larger investments than developed nations.

China was the leader with more than double the investment of the next largest investor, the US, followed by Japan, the UK, and India, according to a report by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (Ren21). While China, the US, Japan and the UK maintained their positions relative to 2014, India moved up to displace Germany, which saw a steep drop in investment in the green energy segment.

Here it should also be noted that $4.1 billion of asset finance was invested in wind power, an increase of 17 per cent from 2014. The record capacity-addition meant that there was strong growth jobs. Considering all renewable energy technologies, the leading employers in 2015 were China, Brazil, the US and India. Globally, the green energy sector has created about 8.1 million jobs. China created about 3.5 million, followed by Brazil at 9.18 lakh, the United States at 7.69 lakh and India at 4.16 lakh.

By Atanu Kumar Das